8 tips for the survival of your PC in summer

8 tips for the survival of your PC in summer

Summer has been brought forward one more year. Temperatures have suffered a very sharp increase throughout the month of May. We haven’t even reached June and the experts have reported the first heat wavessomething that unfortunately every year seems to be less atypical.

Temperatures will continue to rise (yes, more) as the months of June, July and August approach. This heat will not only affect us, but also our technologythat’s why I tell you 8 tips for maintaining your PC in summer.

How to use your PC in summer and not lose it trying

The tips for keeping your PC cool in summer aren’t too different from the ones I gave you in our guide to keeping your console cool during heat waves. PCs have certain options or settings that will help you a little more to keep them safe and sound from high temperatures.

Ideally, you should be open to doing changes to your play/work area to deal with heat waves.


  • Avoid placing your PC near the wall or in narrow places: Placing the PC near walls (regardless of height) and in narrow places such as corners or classic desk drawers is a terrible mistake. The hot air will not be able to come out properly and the temperature will rise a lot.

My advice is to put it on a table with space around to be able to clean with much more comfort.

  • Do not place the PC near the window or other sources of heat: You must absolutely avoid receiving heat from both the sun that enters through the window and from other devices such as consoles and mobile phones, and light sources such as desk lamps.

The air that enters through your window during heat waves is very hot and tends to contain a lot of dust, so avoid placing your PC in draft points.

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  • Under no circumstances place things on or inside your PC outside of it, not even that pretty Funko-Pop that looks so good behind the glass. Obviously, any fabric above and that obstructs the air outlets and inlets is totally ruled out.
  • If you have a fan, you can place your PC in its range. It’s not the most effective advice, but any help is welcome. Try not to apply this tip with the window open, because then you will blow hot air and dust directly into your PC. If you have air conditioning, avoid sudden changes in temperature.
  • Ventilate your office and/or room… but choose the hours well: Keeping everything closed is the best way to generate heat and dust accumulation. Open the windows to let the air flow, but do it during the hours when the heat subsides. Morning, afternoon and evening are good times. Avoid the middle of the day.

Maintenance and habits

  • Control power and performance options: access the energy management menu to create a consumption plan according to your needs, which includes the option to turn off the screens and sleep mode during breaks and when you are not using it.
  • Clean the PC and surroundings: if under normal conditions it is important to open the PC to clean it (mainly from dust), in summer you should carry out this process more frequently. Make sure the grills and holes are clean so that air can pass through.
  • Avoid using the PC during peak heat hours: The heat tends to become more intense as mid-day approaches and subsides a bit as night approaches. I understand that this point is not an option for those who work, but for those who use the PC for leisure.

Finally, remember that the most important maintenance is yours: stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and take regular breaks, especially if you do very long gaming/work sessions. It’s easy to forget that you’re getting dehydrated when you play/work.