8 Secrets of Spirited Away That You Probably Didn’t Know (Like Its Dragon Ball Inspiration)

8 Secrets of Spirited Away That You Probably Didn’t Know (Like Its Dragon Ball Inspiration)

We were also surprised by some details.

Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away” is one of the highest-grossing anime films in the world, and thanks to its beautiful animations and interesting plot, it has become a one of the most popular Studio Ghibli movies Until now. If you are a big fan of “Spirited Away” you may have always wanted to know all the secrets or curiosities that little by little have been revealed during the decade that has passed since its premiere. But what other details are there about this famous, Oscar-winning movie?

In a question and answer session held on the official Japanese Studio Ghibli Twitter account on January 7, studio staff took on the task of answering many of the questions that fans have been dying to ask. know. And, better yet, the account shared some production sketches, in addition to unpublished illustrations of various characters.

In the list below, we’ve compiled the most interesting tidbits to come out of the questions, including some theories that were confirmed after the session, plus a brief update on what to expect from the game. long-awaited Park Ghibli.

No one knows exactly how long Chihiro was trapped in the spirit world.

This detail was not revealed both in the film and outside of it. Toshio Suzuki, Studio Ghibli producer and Miyazaki’s right-hand man, mentions that it was probably three days, judging by the dust and leaves that had accumulated in and around her parents’ car. However, it’s hard to know for sure, since the passage of time seems to change as you go through the tunnel to the spirit world.

Spirited Away Spirited Away

One of the film’s settings was based on Yurakucho and Shinbashi

One fan asked what inspired them to create the concession stand where Chihiro’s parents sit down to eat at the beginning of the movie. Instead of using a specific place as a model for the yatai (street stall), Miyazaki drew on a mix of various restaurants and included the environment of the Yurakucho and Shinbashi districts of Tokyo.


The characters in the spirit world are probably not human

As confirmed by the study, most of the male bathhouse workers are frogs, while the females are actually slugs. Ghibli staff claim that this may be a reference to how senior staff at Studio Ghibli seem to view new hires. For example, characters like Rin, who appears human to Chihiro, apparently only has this appearance because she is one of Chihiro’s direct bosses, so she can tell her apart from the other bosses.

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There’s a bit of Sin Rostro’s personality in all of us.

It is said that the creation of the characters of Chihiro, Yubaba and Sin Rostro was intended by Miyazaki to represent three different faces of the same person. Sin Rostro is supposed to represent several of the darker traits present in the personality of many of us, such as greed or obsession. Apparently, the name “Faceless” was used to emphasize that human beings can be multifaceted and quite complex, compared to what other people judge from a single aspect of their character.


How was Chihiro able to tell which pigs her parents really were at the end of the feature film?

Ghibli did not give a definitive answer to this question. Actually, u dida reference to the 1971 children’s book “Krabat”, by Otfried Preussler. This fantasy tale talks about love and black magic, but apparently it inspired the terrible test that Chihiro had to face to be reunited with her parents.


The scene where Yubaba shoots Faceless is inspired by Dragon Ball

Looking back, the director doesn’t remember exactly what led him to this decision, but in storyboarding the scene, Miyazaki added a note saying “Dragon Ball style”. The interesting thing is that Yubaba may be a grandmother, but she is a grandmother who is distinguished by her powers to fly through the air.


Chihiro and Haku could meet again

Unfortunately this revelation does not mean that a sequel awaits us soon, but because Haku is actually the spirit of the river near Chihiro’s childhood home, both they might get together if Chihiro ever came back to visit the river.

8 Secrets of Spirited Away That You Probably Didn't Know (Like Its Dragon Ball Inspiration)

Park Ghibli is getting its own “Spirited Away” tunnel, but where will it lead?

This news is exciting for those who are gathering all the information about the next Park Ghibli. Goro, the son of Hayao Miyzaki, who is at the head of the large-scale theme park project, was amused by the question about the park and in response to it, revealed that a replica of the famous tunnel is actually being built leading to the spirit world.


If you want to read the complete series of questions, you can find it in the official twitter account by Studio Ghibli, in Japanese language. Unfortunately, the questions and answers aren’t in the same thread, so you’ll have to scroll to read all the information.

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