7 Strategies You Could Be Following To Lose Body Fat And Aren’t Really Working

7 Strategies You Could Be Following To Lose Body Fat And Aren’t Really Working

Losing fat is one of the great objectives that the population has when the heat begins to come. When there is a need, there are also many smoke sellers who they try to sell miracle strategies to lose fat in a short time and in the best possible way. But in most cases, they have no evidence or, directly, they are unhealthy.

Next, we are going to look at some of those and why they don’t really work.

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Perform intermittent fasting

Many of our readers will be shocked to position intermittent fasting here. It is true that has shown many benefits health-wise, but intermittent fasting isn’t going to make you lose fat just for the sake of it.

For many people, doing intermittent fasting will allow them to generate a greater caloric deficit because instead of eating five meals of 600 kcal they will, for example, have three meals of 800 kcal, generating a caloric difference of 600 kcal per day.

On the other hand, there will be people for whom it causes a lot of stress to have to fast for 12, 14 or 16 hours, making the following meals eat a lot more than when they had four or five meals. If you’re someone who finds intermittent fasting working for you, great, we don’t see any problem with doing it. On the other hand, if you’re someone who has better eating habits when you’re not intermittent fasting, we suggest you don’t do it.

It is important always and in all cases adapt any type of strategywhether nutritional or sports.


Do fasted cardio

There are people who think that doing cardio on an empty stomach is better than doing it after a meal if what you are looking for is to lose body fat, but really It is not true.

The rationale behind fasted cardio is that if you’re fasted, your insulin and liver glycogen levels will be lower, and this can cause you to burn more fat doing cardio, which would ultimately lead to a higher Loss of fat.

In any case, what has been seen in many studies, such as this one, is that fasted cardio does not cause greater fat loss at the end of the day if the diet is the same in both groups. To understand why this happens, we have to know that although we oxidize fat, we do not necessarily We will lose body fat.

This loss of body fat will only occur if the fat that we oxidize is greater than the fat that we store. Regardless of whether we oxidize more or less fat, this amount of oxidized fat must necessarily be greater than the stored fat so that the net balance allows us to lose body fat.

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Drink detox smoothies

Detox shakes are one of the best selling weight loss supplements in the world because ensure very fast fat loss. Although this is partly true, this loss of body fat is almost always not sustainable over time and losing weight is regained plus a few extra kilos.

Companies that sell these types of supplements know perfectly well that people look more short-term than long-term, so they will almost certainly end up at an exorbitant price.


We must also talk about how unhealthy they are since they do not provide the vitamins and minerals that we need every day, which increases the chances of getting sick and worsen our health.


Drink lemon water on an empty stomach

This is another of the great strategies that have been discussed for many years to lose weight, and it is drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach. It is curious that everything always has to be fasting.

Those who sell its magnificent results promise that the lemon, by itself, will burn the fat that we have stored in the abdomen, something that has no logic and goes against physiology. And although it is true that it does not work, we suggest that you do not drink water with lemon because the acids it has can damage tooth enamel.

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drink alkaline water

It is very common to hear that when you wake up, your blood has an acidic pH and that prevents fat burning. There are companies that sell water with an alkaline pH to regulate the acidic pH of the blood. But again, like the previous ones, it is not true.

The blood will always stay in a few physiological pH ranges between 7.35-7.45. For there to be a variation in this pH, there must be problems at the kidney, lung, excessive vomiting, hyperventilation, hypoventilation, etc. And of course, all these problems are not solved by drinking alkaline water.

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Eat negative calorie foods

On many occasions, foods with negative calories have been discussed, which are foods that a priori have the ability to make you lose weight for the simple fact of consuming them.

It is true that the process of digesting food requires energy, and this energy comes from the food itself. In fact, the correct name for this process is diet-induced thermogenesis. The myth is that this energy needed to digest food exceeds the energy provided by the food.

This is not the case since, in the case of proteins, thermogenesis reaches up to 25% of the calories of these proteins, but in no case is it greater than 100%. In the case of carbohydrates and fat, thermogenesis is lower, being between five and ten percent in the case of carbohydrates and between two and four in the case of fat.


Eat five or six meals to speed up metabolism

On many occasions we will have heard that to lose weight it is important to eat many meals a day so that the body gets to work and begins to burn calories. But the reality is very different from this.

Our body is not like a train that runs on coal. Our body is always working at 100%, whether we are eating one meal or six. It doesn’t make sense for our metabolism to slow down if we don’t eat every two or three hours.

What can cause us to make many intakes a day, is that let’s introduce more calories and, therefore, gain weight. Therefore, what you have to do is eat the number of daily meals that you have always been doing (as long as it has worked for you) and lose fat in this way.

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