Customizing the home screen of the iPhone is a whim that users of the famous device give themselves from time to time, thanks to the innumerable options to achieve it. Through customization icons and apps can be viewed in different ways, and with a reason according to our tastes.

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When it comes to customizing our mobile, most of us make use of the iPhone widgets, available from iOS 14. Of course, it is a process that requires several steps but the result is worth one hundred percent. For those who want to change the home screen of their iPhone but don’t know where to start, we share several ideas.

To start customizing your home screen, you would first have to download your preferred app icons from third-party sources on platforms like Flaticon and Icons8 that offer a wide range of icon styles for different aesthetics. After downloading the icons of your choice, the next thing is to create automatic shortcuts for each application to be customized.

1. Long live the summer

Custom Home Screen

Regarding the season, this recommendation takes the first place. This color palette bets on a soft and sublime aesthetic. With their muted pinks, lilacs, oranges and greens, these home screen designs are a necessary respite when interacting with our mobile.

Custom Home Screen

2. Natural style

This dark olive green home screen aesthetic is perfect for plant lovers and nature lovers. It is also perfect for those for whom simply green is their favorite color.

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3. Artistic anime

Custom Home Screen
Wallpapersclan widgets

Anime fans can personalize their home screen icons with images of their favorite anime characters. Kill Kondo Da !, Naruto, and whatever goes through your head.

Custom Home Screen
Tiannacards widgets

4. Retro Rampage

Custom Home Screen
Old School Widgets by Dito Tediashvili

Lovers of vintage aesthetics have many options to express their nostalgia. These retro iOS 14 home screens will appeal to your nostalgic senses.

Custom Home Screen
Widgets Pink Pixel Art by Axel

5. Super characters

Custom Home Screen
PatCutArt Themes Widgets

Superhero fanatic? Decorate and personalize your home screen with your favorite characters. These examples should spark a creative nerve and inspire you to organize your own extraordinary home screen.

6. Warm tones

Custom Home Screen
Widgets Warm Colors iEnjoy Editing

This influential brown theme is the perfect combination of fashion and good taste. It can be abstract, keep it basic, or add shape icons to make it more personal.

7. Vibrant neon

Custom Home Screen
IEnjoyEditing widgets

The shades and the style that never goes out of style are always a good option to see on our home screen.