Currently there are many games of strategy, some more popular than others. Possibly the Tower Defense games They are the great unknown of the genre because they are not very prolific either. These games focus especially on defensive actions, more than in the attack. Even so, it is possible to find elements from other role-playing games or an interesting combination between strategy games. in shifts and in real time. Something like this is what the best do Nintendo Switch Tower Defense games.

What are Tower Defense? This type of game is divided into several phases: one for preparing the defenses and the other for attack. The player has time to plan his strategy, build buildings like towers, walls or catapults who will be in charge of killing the enemies. Then the waves of creatures and characters to attack your base, from the weakest even the strong.

It is also possible to use the main character to melee attack, for example. Each Tower Defense has its own mechanics, although they are very similar. Below you have a list with the games Essential Tower Defense to play on Nintendo Switch. However, you have a complete list of the best strategy games for Nintendo Switch.

Top 7 best tower defense games for Nintendo Switch

Enjoy the 7 best tower defense games on Nintendo Switch to defend a base from waves of enemies. These games have a fantastic setting with elements of role, action and even roguelike and where the construction of defenses is the key.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Also known as Plants vs. Zombies The Battle of Neighborvill is an action shooter developed by PopCap and distributed by Electronic Arts. Like the other installments of Plants vs. Zombies Modern Warfare, this focuses on the war between plants and zombies. In this case, the confrontations unfold in 3 new zones, 7 already known maps and 6 exclusive ones.

More details of Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

The popular game that antagonized the plants and zombies playable on Switch. Has many options to customize the characters for combat by earning coins to spend in the shop. Players can take control of any side in cooperative multiplayer game modes that supports match-ups of 8 versus 8, among other modes.

Dungeon Of The Endless

It is an action roguelike developed by Amplitude Studios and distributed by Sega. The story takes place in the distant future where a prison located in a spaceship crashes against a very peculiar planet, after this the survivors aim to escape of its capsule exporting an energy crystal to several floors of the ship. Along the way they will meet different hostile creatures that they will have to eliminate in order to advance.

More details about Dungeon Of The Endless

This unique roguelike combines best of dungeons with the Tower Defense. So the stage is generated so procedural, getting each game to develop in a different way. This feature can turn the environment into a deadly maze to achieve the objective: guide the survivors to the ship to escape a planet alien.

CastleStorm II

CastleStorm II is a strategy video game by tower defense developed by Zen Studios with the Unreal 4 graphics engine. This installment mixes elements of various genres, where the player can plan new strategies and tactics of conquest. The kingdom’s heroes face the ruthless forces of the Walking Dead while the player plans the triumph of both sides in two epic narrative campaigns. CastleStorm II is set in a fantasy land classic full of medieval madness and heroic knights, charming sorceresses, splendid taps and even sheep.

More details of CastleStorm II

CastleStorm II has an isometric view board where you can build and move to find new resources. But there will also be tower defense style clashes, where there are waves of enemies in 2D scenarios that will make things difficult for you. The main hero can use ranged attacks or his sword, in addition to recruiting other characters with different abilities.

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Rock of Ages III: Make & Break

Developed by ACE Team, Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is a tower defense action game. The game has a competitive mode that consists of building your defenses and, incidentally, trying to destroy your opponent’s defenses. In online mode up to 4 players can play, while locally it is limited to 2. As for the mode Arcade action, it is played alone and you have to crush everything in your path with a giant rock. But this is not all, there are many more game modes. What’s more, if you want you can create your own levels.

More details of Rock of Ages III: Make & Break

This game stands out for its humor with hilarious scenes and often absurd. The game has many modes, in addition to a full level editor to create your own circuits. Once again, the goal is install fenders as walls, battering rams or catapults throughout the course to avoid enemy attacks. But you can also get on the other side and destroy targets with a giant rock.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened is a Tower defense cooperative action RPG. Alone or with up to 4 friends you have to face hordes of enemies. Level up, upgrade gear, customize characters, and more in the game from Chromatic Games. To face the enemies you have at your disposal a wide variety of weapons: axes, grenade launchers, swords, crossbows, among others. The PC version has partial controller support.

More details on Dungeon Defenders: Awakened

This installment of Dungeon Defenders contains 15 unique maps, more than 10 enemies and three epic bosses. It is a game that combines many elements from other genres such as action, role or adventure. It is also possible to play up to 4 players in split screen. The loot you get in each battle will allow you improve the characters and take real treasures with you.

Defense Grid 2

It is a tower defense action video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and distributed by 505 Games. It is the direct sequel to 2008’s Defense Grid: The Awakening, in this case, the player control a commander who has the mission to defend the colonies and space stations from the aliens who want to seize the power cores.

More details of Defense Grid 2

Defends colonies, bases, space stations and much more of waves of aliens. As usual, the player has a aerial view of the circuit and it can kill aliens in various ways. It is a game that gives a lot freedom in strategy to build towers and upgrade them with the resources you get. In addition, at the beginning of each level the player has a special ability.

Aegis Defenders

Aegis Defenders is a game of 2D platforms and tower defense developed by Guts Development. Players control a team of up to 4 characters in scenarios where they can run, jump and attack. Each has a unique ability and can build an object, but they can combine their elements with other more powerful ones. The levels are divided into exploration phase, which includes puzzle solving, and tower defense to protect a base from waves of enemies. The campaign has a total of 18 levels who follow the story of Bart and his granddaughter Clu, who want to discover a powerful weapon known as Aegis.

More details of Aegis Defenders

If you are looking for something different, Aegis Defenders proposes a more complete adventure with a pixel art style stage design. The levels are full of action, but to that we must add some portals that generate creatures dangerous that they have to stop with their weapons. Place your defenses and combine skills with the other characters to prevent them from advancing.

These are the Tower Defense most important to play on Switch, But are not the only ones. In this case, we recommend that you take a look at the best Tower Defense games in history to know the origins of this strategy subgenre. Without a doubt, they are games with perfect addictive mechanics to spend many hours In front of the screen.