7 Android Auto news that will be important in 2022 | Technology

7 Android Auto news that will be important in 2022 |  Technology

More functions, more security, YouTube (when stopped), ecological routes… these are some of the 7 great novelties that Android Auto has prepared for 2022.

Android Auto is one of the applications with the highest number of downloads on Google Play. It allows some of the applications (not all) that you have on your mobile to appear on the infotainment screen of the car.

The Reason to be of Android Auto is to improve the safety of drivers by preventing them from having to take their hands off the wheel to operate the browser, the music player… It also avoids fines: remember that with the new Traffic Law the mere fact of holding the phone with your hand will be a reason for sanction (200 euros and 6 points).

For the year that has just begun, Google announces more features for its flagship application. These are The 7 great innovations of Android Auto for 2022.

Do you use Android Auto in your car? If the answer is yes, take note of the applications that you cannot miss to get the most out of it.

Greater compatibility

With the function FastPair it will be possible to connect Android Auto to the vehicle with a single touch. The technology is already available in some models of BMW Y Ford, and throughout 2022 more manufacturers will join the list.

In the list of Android Auto news for 2022 there is also the auto start for version 12. This will allow you to configure the system from the car screen to start automatically when the mobile is connected. There will be three options to choose from: Always, Default and Start if it was used during the last trip.

more accessible music

Music playback via Android Auto and platforms like Spotify or Amazon Music It is one of the most used functions by drivers.

The novelty that Android brings is that the music button will always be visible. In addition, it will allow you to pause and resume without having to return to the music app.

YouTube arrives

Android Auto finally responds to one of the main requests from users: the ability to play YouTube on the car.

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Google had been reluctant as it has always placed driver safety high on its list of priorities. The update that will be effective in 2022 introduces a nuance that leaves those responsible for the company happy: the contents of Youtube They can be viewed through Android Auto, yes, but only when the vehicle is stopped.

According to Movilzona, Volvo It will be the first brand to offer this option.

More apps

In addition to YouTube, in 2022 the list of applications compatible with Android Auto will grow.

So far it has been confirmed Sygic Browser Y apps to locate charging points for electric vehicles and car parks like ChargePoint Y SpotHero.


Acting on the air conditioning system remotely so that, when entering the passenger compartment, it is at the right temperature is a very widespread function among electric cars. In this case, it’s not just for comfort; Using the air conditioning at full power while the vehicle is connected to the charging point optimizes autonomy.

As published by Google on its page, one of the novelties of Android Auto for 2022 is that it will allow to act on the car’s air conditioning, check the battery status… It will do so through a Google Assistant device.

smart answers

Until now, with messaging applications such as Whats App, Android Auto allows you to dictate a response. The system is not very reliable, so to avoid annoyances and reduce distraction time, Android Auto announces the intelligent answers with a single click.

This way you can respond with an “ok”, “I’ll call you now” or “I’m driving” with the touch of a button. The answers will be customizable.

sustainable routes

It will be sometime in 2022 when Google Maps and, therefore, Android Auto prioritize consumption and emissions over speed when calculating a route.

The ecological routes function It has been available in the United States for weeks and Google announced that it would arrive in Europe later this year.

The change is that, by default, Google Maps will recommend the journey with less consumption and/or polluting emissions, taking into account factors such as fuel consumption, traffic congestion or road incline. However, the user who wants to continue prioritizing speed can change the configuration manually.

This article was published in Autobild by Noelia López.