Use a smartphone It is something that almost everyone knows how to do to a greater or lesser extent. These devices have hundreds of functions that you do not know or do not use, and others that you use incorrectly. Today we are going to tell you 6 mistakes you still make when using your smartphone day after day. Some of you may already know them and others may take you by surprise. If you commit several of them, you may be shortening the life of your smartphone without knowing it. Some are related to the hardware and others to the terminal software.

1. Don’t update it for months

Thinking that your smartphone is doing well and that update it will make it work worse is a mistake. Updates, in 90% of cases, solve certain problems, update security patches and improve user experience. If you have pending updates, you should download and install them as soon as possible.

2. Deplete the battery below 15%

Do you think it is better to drain the battery completely to put the smartphone to charge? This is one of the most common mistakes and the one that hurts your smartphone the most. Below 15% batteries have a higher stress, which can shorten your life if it is repeated constantly. It is better that you charge your smartphone when it is about 15-20%.

3. Connect to public WiFi networks without password

6 mistakes you make on your smartphone every day and they are very serious

Do you usually connect to WiFi networks without a password? It’s a huge mistake that can compromise your privacy. These types of networks can be created from computers or devices designed to attack your privacy. They will give you a free connection, but it is possible that they are also accessing your data. If you see a public and open WiFi that you do not know, it is better not to connect.

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4. Use the default applications

The most normal thing when you buy a new mobile is to start using the default applications. Many of them are the Google browser, the Google calendar, the Gmail application or the Google Maps GPS. You should know that on Google Play there are dozens of alternatives And that in some cases you will find better apps from third-party developers. Try new browsers, GPS or email managers.

5. Failure to clean the charging ports and connections

6 mistakes you make on your smartphone every day and they are very serious

One of the The most recurrent reasons why a mobile breaks are ports. These connections are outdoors, unprotected and exposed. A quick glance at the charging or headphone port will be enough to tell you how dirty it is. If you clean these connections from time to time you will avoid possible short circuits or looseness when connecting the charger.

6. Do not turn off the mobile or restart it from time to time

Do you never turn off your smartphone? Since you have it, have you never reset it from the factory? Turning off your smartphone for about 30 minutes every week will allow you to enjoy a better experience. All components work 24 hours a day and giving them a break is vital to keep them operating at full capacity for many years to come.

In this same way, a Factory reset every 6 months won’t hurt either. This will allow you to get rid of files that do not interest you and leave the software as new. It can be a bit tedious, but it will give your smartphone a new life.

How many of these mistakes you make on your smartphone daily? Are you going to stop?