From your time at the university, you know that one part that professors promote is research. It is necessary in most subjects to enter the health field comprehensively and acquire the necessary knowledge. Although the reality is that young people who graduate and become professional doctors must maintain this habit. It should never be lost or else you run the risk of being relegated and being overtaken by your colleagues. Your age does not matter because it is necessary to update everything you know to offer an adequate service to patients.

You know very well that news appears daily within the field of Medicine. In addition, specialized studies are always carried out and it is necessary to know the results. One of the biggest examples occurred last year when it was found that the use of face masks should be generalized because it reduces the risk of contagion from Covid-19. Based on the evidence obtained, the World Health Organization (WHO) changed its recommendations and He added that absolutely everyone had to wear a mask.

How to stay current

Therefore, it is necessary to know this type of information. Even many of the investigations have application within the daily life of physicians. But now the most important thing is to be able to identify the right sources. In particular, you should go to specialized media or portals of renowned universities focused on the field of health.

With this in mind, Liliana Sánchez Andrés, Vice President of Digital Programming at the site Hello Doctor, share some of the best sites and magazines to find medical studies. All are carried out by health professionals and most of them are spaces with a long history.


United States National Library of Medicine (NLM). It is the largest health science database. Indexa, since 1960, journals on biomedical studies from around the world.


Search system within the NLM that allows access to Medline, PreMedline and sub-base databases. It is necessary to review the tutorials of this system to make a correct use of it.

PubMed in Spanish

Translation from Florida International University (FIU) Libraries.

PubMed Central

Offers more than 6 million medical articles for your consultation.

Stanford University Libraries’ HighWire Press

Free resource that allows search by title, publisher or subject.

Free Medical Journals

Another option that you must have within your radar. It has a wide catalog of professional research useful for all doctors.