Google’s calendar is very good, especially since it has started to integrate smart features like smart goals or smart suggestions, but it may not convince you. Sometimes you don’t need the app to think so much for you, but you want to have the power to touch and customize to your liking.

There are a ton of calendar apps on Google Play. Some are mediocre, others are not bad and others are very good and there are also those who passed away. Here we present six calendar applications that are better than Google Calendar, at least in some way. Whether or not it is better for you depends on what you need, so we leave the final verdict to you.

Business Calendar

This calendar Made in berlinAs its name suggests, it is more suitable for work, although it can be of equal use to anyone who uses the calendar extensively. The design is somewhat understated, but it makes up for it with an extensive list of functions.

The best calendar apps for Android: in-depth comparison

Highlights the number of views available, including the year view, although you can also choose precisely by means of a slider how many days you want to see. Integra to-do lists, exclusive calendars for birthdays and a multitude of customization options. Some, such as themes, are exclusive functions of the Pro version (4.75 euros)

Business Agenda Calendar - Organizer & Widget

Business Agenda Calendar – Organizer & Widget

BlackBerry Calendar


BlackBerry is not what it used to be, but its proprietary software has always had productivity in mind. You don’t need to have a brand phone to use the BlackBerry applications, including the calendar. Of course, you need to install the BlackBerry Hub + and grant a good handful of permissions.

Aesthetically, Google Calendar is similar, although with some interesting additions, such as the “how busy are you” viewer and a unbeatable meeting integration, with the possibility of rejecting them with predetermined messages. To get all the game you need to use the entire BlackBerry suite, and that is not free. The calendar does, although after 30 days it will begin to show you advertising.

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BlackBerry Hub + Calendar

BlackBerry Hub + Calendar



Do you need a lot of different views for the calendar? How about seven? DigiCal includes a view of the agenda, day of the week, weekly agenda, month, month with text and year (the latter is paid). The interface is modern, with two free themes and six widgets to choose.

DigiCal includes a good number of personalization, and although several of them, such as additional calendars, are reserved for the Plus version (4.99 euros), the free version is fully functional and perfect for those who are not happy with Google Calendar.

DigiCal Calendar

DigiCal Calendar



The aCalendar calendar is an old acquaintance and big favorite on the Android calendar landscape. Some of its star functions are the year view, your widgets, the birthday view, moon phases or the sharing of events via NFC and QR code.

The free version is fully functional, but if you want to get the most out of it, please 3.99 euros you can unlock holiday calendars, remove advertisements, get more colors and a few additional features.

aCalendar - a calendar app for Android

aCalendar – a calendar app for Android Calendar


After looking at the previous calendars, you have probably realized that they are all serious and very similar in their appearance. What if you don’t need that much of a calendar? What if you just want a simple calendar that is pretty?

Cal Calendar, from the creators of, with which it integrates seamlessly, is not the most powerful or the one with the most options, but it is one of the most pleasing to the eye. The animations make it a bit cumbersome for those who make extensive use of the calendar, but for the casual user it is a refreshing approach.

Google Calendar app |  Calendar and widget

Google Calendar app | Calendar and widget



Finally we have an option for those who think that all calendar applications are the same: ZenDay. Its main interest lies in its peculiar way of displaying the calendar: with a 3D view where you can check your agenda in a way that you won’t find in the competition.

Whether this is better or worse than Google Calendar is debatable, although at least in originality it is ahead, that is clear. ZenDay has a task section (with a duration and personalized actions), in addition to having statistics and information about your events.

ZenDay: Calendar, Tasks, To-do

ZenDay: Calendar, Tasks, To-do