54 healthy dinners to always keep in mind to improve our diet

54 healthy dinners to always keep in mind to improve our diet

The intention to eat healthy is more present in our lives at certain times of the year. It usually coincides with post-holiday periods (Christmas, Easter and summer), when the need arises to compensate for the excesses committed. But the truth is that wearing a healthy and balanced diet it is something that we should keep in mind (and apply) every day.

It is about acquiring healthy eating habits that help us improve our diet and, consequently, our health. In this endeavour, it is especially key dinner time. We arrive tired at the end of the day, the sofa becomes our best friend and the calories and fats ingested are not usually burned.

Avoid going to bed with just dinner, saying goodbye to pre-cooked foods and cooking in a healthy way, whether steamed, grilled, baked, etc., are aspects to take into account so that your health does not suffer. If we also choose dinner well, we have the ballot resolved. Here we leave you 47 healthy dinner recipes, in case you are lacking in inspiration.

Fennel salad, Rocha pear and goat cheese.

Salads and other vegetable dishes

Although we associate them more with the good weather and the warmth of spring and summer, freshest salads and dishes and light ones in which vegetables are the main protagonists are always a good choice. Especially at dinner time. With these recipes it is easy to avoid monotony without great complications.

A good trick to always make complete, healthy salads, but satiating enough not to leave us hungry, is to follow the 1-2-3-4 formula: a cup of protein, two tablespoons of something crunchy, three different types of vegetables and four cups of leaves.

It is a rule that some of the great compound salads follow, more or less, such as the Waldorf salad, whose full recipe we leave you below.

We will start by lightly toasting the nuts in a pan. When a few minutes pass and we see them toasted, we reserve them while they cool and we break them into large pieces. To make the mayonnaise, put the egg yolk in a bowl, add salt and begin to beat with a whisk or the rods of a mixer, incorporating the oil in a thin stream so that the emulsion is made. Add the vinegar and keep cold. Peel and cut the apples into dadao or sticks, the celery into small pieces and wash and spin the lettuce. Next, in a salad bowl, put the celery, the apple, half the walnuts and the raisins, add the mayonnaise to taste and mix well. In the serving dish we put a bed of chopped lettuce, above the mixture of celery, apple, nuts and raisins with mayonnaise, and finally decorate with the rest of the nuts. Serve quickly.

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More salad recipes

seafood dishes

That they are not missing in our dinners fish and seafood recipes. Frozen or fresh and canned, the offer is wide and varied. They’re made in zero comma and are a great source of high-quality protein and healthy fats. If we take advantage of seasonal ones, we will also save some eureles.

Microwave hake slices

Microwave hake slices

Meat and poultry recipes

Usually poultry it is lighter than beef or pork, among others. However, leaner cuts also have a place on the dinner menu. Without forgetting the rabbit, cheap, very tasty and low in calories, which we can easily fit into the last meal of the day.

juicy chicken breasts

Juicy, lean chicken breasts

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Eggs, tortillas and others

One of the foods that has solved the most dinners for us throughout our history is the egg. It’s cheap, versatile, easy to cook and, of course, healthy and nutritious. Especially if we prepare it following any of these recipes: scrambled, hard, grilled, in an omelette and much more.

Egg white omelette with fine herbs

Egg white omelette with fine herbs

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