Home Gaming 505 Games will also attend Gamescom 2022

505 Games will also attend Gamescom 2022

505 Games will also attend Gamescom 2022

That’s right, it seems that 505 Games, the one in charge of the distribution of titles such as Dead by Daylight, Control, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, among others, has decided to confirm its appearance at Gamescom 2022which will be held this coming August in Germany.

The editor still has not indicated the games that will be present at the eventbut he has promised that we will know what they are a few days before Gamescom starts.

These are the schedules of Gamescom 2022 in Cologne

505 Games will also attend Gamescom 2022

And it is that as it was obvious, the editor of Crontrol could not miss the event, since it is important to reveal information to us like more details of Stray Bladeone of their titles that is currently in the development phase with a closed beta.

Neil Ralley, the current president of 505 Games, has assured that they will make the announcement with great optimism and thinking about tomorrow. He has also commented that they have a very large and varied catalog with which they are delighted to share with their current partners and even more so after the return of Gamescom this year 2022.

This is how publisher 505 Games joins Ubisoft and others over 250 companies and studios who previously confirmed their presence at the event despite the fact that other larger first party companies will be totally absent.

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