5 Xbox Game Pass gems you may have overlooked

5 Xbox Game Pass gems you may have overlooked

That the first-party video games from Xbox and Bethesda arrive from launch to Xbox GamePass It is the great value of a subscription platform like Microsoft’s, we will all agree on that. However, the service also allows you to discover smaller titles, often indies, that can surprise you a lot. That is what we want to talk to you about today. And now we present to you 5 Xbox Game Pass gems you may have overlooked. Maybe you’ve heard of them, but you’ve never dared to play them, you don’t know what they’re about or you don’t even know them directly. Whatever your case, these five games will interest you.

Slay the Spire

Originally released in 2017, Slay the Spire combines roguelite elements with card game and deck building. The idea is as simple as it is fun. We choose one of the available characters, we advance through randomly generated rooms (hence the roguelite component) and we must defeat the enemies that we find with our deck. Every time we defeat an opponent we can add new cards to our deck. Develop strategies, combos and tactics to get to the end… or die trying.


This video game developed by the American Jason Roberts is one of the most peculiar puzzles that you will play in your life. Gorogoa hides a cryptic story that is told through vignettes that intertwine. As players, we are the ones who are putting them together, separating, deepening or moving them away depending on what each new puzzle requires. A work so unique and special that it is impossible to describe with words. Play it.

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The London studio Shedworks has the honor of having one of the most aesthetically incredible games in the Game Pass catalog. Sable is an adventure of self-knowledge and discovery. In it we embody a young woman from a desert tribe who embarks on her own journey to discover new horizons and make herself. With wide open levels, Sable is a relaxing and, above all, incredibly precious title that combines wonderful coloring with a graphic style similar to cel shading.

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The Forgotten City

The one in this game is a special case. The Forgotten City was born as a Skyrim mod, one of the most successful of Bethesda’s masterpiece, in fact. It was so successful that it ended up becoming an independent title. That is precisely what we are talking about today. Developed by Modern Storyteller, The Forgotten City is an action adventure that invites us to explore an Ancient Rome with elements of fantasy in which we must find and rescue lost explorers trapped in a time loop.


What for many is one of the best games of 2021 came to Game Pass at launch, but without making too much noise. Unpacking is another unique experience. The game offers us a relaxing gameplay in which, initially, we only have to open moving boxes and place the objects in their most appropriate place in each of the levels. However, the work hides one of the most successful environmental narratives of recent times. It’s truly amazing that a moving puzzle game is able to tell stories without saying anything and move the player.