Every October 21, World Energy Saving Day is commemorated. The goal is to get people to reflect and become aware of reducing electricity consumption both at home and in their work spaces. In addition, actions are promoted that may seem small but are of great importance to achieve changes in favor of the planet.

Therefore, we share some tips that you can follow in your office. All are quite simple to implement and you will not only be able to use less electricity but also save on your electricity payment.

Use LED spotlights

One of the easiest ways to reduce electricity consumption in the office is to change the lighting. If you place LED lights (Light-Emitting Diode) in your workspace you can save up to 30 percent on your office’s monthly electricity payment.

Another point to consider is that they also offer greater illumination in the area in which they are placed. This is of vital importance for healthcare spaces because clear and clear visibility is always required, especially when performing check-ups on patients.

Use white hues indoors

Something quite simple but that offers good results is to paint the walls of the office and waiting room in light tones. In the first instance, you will be able to transmit tranquility and serenity to the patients. But in addition, you will also get a better use of natural light and in the end that results in a lower consumption of electrical energy.

Turn off unnecessary equipment

When the office is closed you can disconnect the non-essential appliances. In addition, you can also incorporate light savers, such as time and motion counters or power switches to detect if there is a person in the office.

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Proper use of the refrigerator

In a doctor’s office you always need a refrigerator and even more. It is not only to preserve some samples but to be used in the storage of food for your collaborators.

You cannot do without this equipment but there are some tips that you should follow to reduce the consumption of electrical energy it produces. First of all, you must place it away from the stove and out of reach of the sun’s rays. Also periodically check that the door seals perfectly or else it may cause a higher consumption than normal.

Other tips regarding food is to allow food to cool before refrigerating. While the correct position of the thermostat is between numbers 2 and 3. In hot weather, between numbers 3 and 4. Remember that the automatic defrosters consume 12 percent more electricity and that means more expense.

Install solar panels

This tip is only for larger hospitals or places with a bigger budget. In 2018 the Secretariat of Health of Mexico City (Sedesa) began with the installation of solar panels in hospitals in the capital. It consisted of a unique water heating system by means of photovoltaic cells that favors the reduction of polluting gases to the atmosphere of the megalopolis. As a result, it was possible to reduce electricity consumption and a reduction of up to 35 percent in the monthly electricity payment.