When we are about to contract, for example, a fiber service for our home, one of the first things we have to check is whether the operator in which we are interested in hiring is capable of providing coverage. In the case of MásMóvil, we can check the coverage through its website in a fairly simple and intuitive way. Another question will be the speed that we are interested in hiring, if we only want to contract fiber or we also want to add a mobile line or television service, etc. That is why we have compiled some features that MásMóvil rates lack.

1 Gbps fiber

If you are interested in hiring fiber with speeds of up to 1 Gbps, MásMóvil will not be the operator of your choice. Among some of the operators that offer 1 Gbps fiber are Yoigo, Vodafone or Orange. In the case of MásMóvil with fixed fiber rates, we find two possibilities:

  • Symmetrical fiber optic 100 Mb with unlimited calls from landline to landline for 29.99 euros per month.
  • Symmetrical fiber optic 600 Mb with unlimited calls from landline to landline for 39.99 euros per month, although at the moment we can contract it at a price of 100 Mb for 3 months.

In both cases we can complete the rate with a mobile line with 1 GB and unlimited calls for 3 more euros per month.

In the case of convergent rates fiber and mobile we also have two options:

  • Symmetric fiber of 100 Mb with unlimited calls to landline and mobile line with 25 GB to navigate and unlimited calls for 39.90 euros per month.
  • 600 Mb symmetric fiber with unlimited calls to landline and mobile line with 35 GB to navigate and unlimited calls for 39.90 euros per month during the first 3 months. Then the rate to cost 44.90 euros per month.

In both cases we can add a second mobile line with 3 GB and unlimited calls for 3 euros per month.

Unlimited calls to mobiles from the landline

One of the aspects that MásMóvil’s convergent fiber and mobile rates lack is that they do not include unlimited calls to mobiles from the landline From home. The base price includes unlimited national calls to landlines and 60 minutes to mobiles.

If we want to make calls to mobiles from our home landline without having to worry if we exceed the 60 minute limit, we will have to pay 3 euros more per month.

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Accumulate gigs from one month to another

Just as other operators such as Lowi or Pepephone give us the possibility of accumulating the gigas that we have left at the end of the month in our mobile rate, MásMóvil has not yet contemplated this option.

Your mobile rates include unlimited calls in all cases and do not have permanence. The options go from 5 GB to 35 GB, but as we mentioned before, if we do not spend them during the month we will lose them and we do not have the possibility to share them with other MásMóvil customers.

Unlimited calling rates

Unlimited data

As we mentioned earlier the maximum of gigs that we can contract in a mobile tariff of the operator is 35 GBThis in the case of having a fiber and mobile or mobile-only rate, because among the prepaid rate options, the maximum number of gigs is reduced to 8 GB in the most complete rate.

If we spend part of the day away from home and we do not want to depend on a WiFi network to access the Internet or we share the data of our mobile rate to work or study with the laptop when we are away from home, not having a rate with unlimited gigs It might fall short for our needs.

Devices at a reduced price

Finally, another of the possibilities that MásMóvil offers us is the option of acquiring smartphones, tablets or any other electronic device at a reduced price when contracting any of its convergent rates. In operators such as Orange or Movistar, we have that option by contracting one of Movistar’s Merger rates or Orange’s convergent rates. In addition, they are now cheaper than ever due to the current Black Friday promotions.

The only offer that MásMóvil has in this regard is if we contract fiber and mobile with Agile TV in which we can take a Smart tv 32 ″ UE32T4305 from the Samsung brand at an exclusive price of 149 euros when doing portability on your main mobile line and also if you are already a MásMóvil customer.

We emphasize that all these options that MásMóvil lacks will depend a lot on our interests and needs because some may not affect you, but others may influence you to make the decision to choose another operator because you believe that particular service is necessary.