5 shortcuts for macOS Monterey that will make your life easier

5 shortcuts for macOS Monterey that will make your life easier

With these five shortcuts in macOS Monterey your life will be much easier.

Apple released macOS Monterey a few months ago for all its computers, and if you already followed our tutorial to download and install this new update to your Mac computer, It is a good time to keep getting everything ready and improve your experience in the new operating system of the Cupertino. To make your life easier, Apple has released Shortcuts in macOS Monterey, and today we bring you a compilation of five that will make your life a little simpler and more automated.

On macOS Monterey Apple has included the Shortcut Gallery so you can download some already programmed and you can start using its benefits without having to create your own. This was already happening on iPhone and iPad since iOS 12, which allowed us to create Siri shortcuts to automate processes on our devices, and it has finally also reached the computers of those in Cupertino.

How to install Shortcuts on your Mac

Installing Shortcuts in macOS Monterey is simpler than it sounds

Installing Shortcuts on your Mac is almost as simple as doing it on your iPhone or iPad. Apple has included a Gallery feature that will allow us to download hundreds of them with just one click, and here are the instructions so you can enjoy all the automation creations that macOS Monterey users have made:

  1. Open the app Shortcuts on your Mac.
  2. In the menu on the left, tap on the section Gallery.
  3. Use the search bar that appears in the upper right corner or use the Shortcuts window to search by their name.
  4. Once you’ve found one you like, just tap on the icon More (+) which will appear at the top right of the shortcut.

Ready. Once you have followed these steps, you can continue reading to download this list of five shortcuts that we leave just for you.

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The 7 best macOS Monterey tricks

5. Create PDF documents – Make PDF

If you are one of those who need to create PDF files for everything, the shortcut called ‘Make PDF’ it will be extremely useful to you. In addition to being able to create PDF files from almost anything, you can also transform Safari web pages into this format to save or share them with whoever you need.

4. Convert Text into Audio – Turn Text into Audio

Another interesting shortcut is the so-called ‘Turn Text into Audio’, which will allow you to make almost any text on the screen read aloud by your computer. This shortcut is perfect for times when you need to read long files, emails, and much more.

3. Split Screen Mode – Split Screen 2 Apps

Split Screen mode is quite popular within Mac users, but with this shortcut called ‘Split Screen 2 Apps’ you can give it a slight twist that will improve your experience. Once you put this shortcut to run, the screen will be automatically divided between two applications that you have previously selected, so you will not have to configure your screen every time you want to start working with them.

2. Find Emails on Web Pages – Find Emails on Webpage

This shortcut is perfect for those who are looking for clients or contacts and do not want to guess where the contact information will be every time they visit a different page. The shortcut called ‘Find Emails on Webpage’ It will do it for you, and it will collect all the email addresses it can find.

1. Remind me at home – Remind Me at Home

If you have a lot to do or tend to forget your pending tasks, the shortcut ‘Remind Me at Home’ is the ideal for you. All you have to do is tell your Mac what you want it to remember, and you’ll get an onscreen alert once you get home from work or wherever you’ve been. Without a doubt, this is a lifesaver for many.

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