The aesthetic consultation requires marketing strategies to make the brand visible, generate remembrance and retain customers. Above all, because in the beauty, aesthetics and health industry, there are many attractive offers, to seduce an increasingly demanding public. That seeks to combine quality treatments with good prices.

Therefore, implementing successful promotions is an idea of ​​great simplicity, but effective. Especially today, where social networks widen the margin of opportunity, by reaching a greater number of potential consumers, who are home to great deals.

Promotions must be versatile and adaptive

Skin, hair and figure care will always be in fashion. Furthermore, when cosmetic science and state-of-the-art appliances are less and less invasive, offering optimal results in less time and without long disabilities.

Thus, as the promotions in the aesthetic consultation, they must not only include attractive discounts, but they must be directed to fulfill the ideals of the client. In such a way, the viability of supply and demand is established, in economic and permanent terms.

  1. Packaging the products and services. It is one of the most attractive promotions for customers, who want to get more for less. This is where an attractively priced body shaping package is offered that includes carboxytherapy sessions, manual massage, burners and electrodes, to lose weight in a short time.
  2. The loyalty cardIt’s a permanent promotion option that old customers will love. Because they can accumulate points with each treatment they purchase, redeeming them in store products or as part of payment for a new package. In this way, loyalty is achieved, while giving them a bonus that motivates them to continue indulging.
  3. Advance payments, which cover upcoming treatments at a promotional price. Where the client can sign up for the offer of the month for facial porcelain, with ultrasonic cleaning, paying a reduced price. But, with the opportunity to enjoy it in a few months. In addition, to allow to buy as gifts.
  4. Two for one, it is a very seductive promotion. Since, in this way, they have the opportunity to increase the database to present the portfolio of services through the different communication media. Similarly, many people prefer to enjoy a relaxation massage, in a couple plan or with friends.
  5. Cross selling, is an alternative to promote the products used in each treatment. Thus, like the serum with hyaluronic acid, it can be purchased at a discount, for undergoing a treatment with platelet-rich plasma. Seeking to maintain the hydration of the skin. repair and fight the signs of aging.

The quality of the service is the best tool to give visibility to the aesthetic consultation. However, it must be accompanied by activity on social media and promotions. Applying elements that include a better price, gifts, demonstrations, coupons and contests, which encourage consumers to make an appointment for the first time, continue with more treatments and attract again those who have already visited us.