5 other video games that all Pokémon fans must play

5 other video games that all Pokémon fans must play

The Pokémon gaming community has a large number of installments that have been released over the years, so many fans can delve into various titles from the highest-grossing franchise of all time.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that, many of us were able to enjoy a very successful line of video games in our childhood and that to this day we can see how it remains on the sidelines with video games expected by the gaming community such as Pokémon Legends. : Arcus. This time we will show you 5 video games that all Pokémon fans should play.

Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Come on Eevee! and Pikachu! were the first Pokémon titles to appear on the Nintendo Switch in November 2018, and are direct remakes of 1999’s Yellow for the Game Boy Color. Unlike any other entry in the series, they used the GO ring format to catch monsters, which were fully visible in the overworld for the first time, and the only way to fight was through Trainers and not in the wild.

Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl

Released in November 2021 on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are “faithful” remakes of the DS Diamond & Pearl titles. Set in the Sinnoh region, you are tasked with saving the world from Team Galactic and their evil leader Cyrus.

While it maintains many aspects of the originals, there’s also new content like a revised Grand Underground, a new HM mechanic, the ability to walk your ‘mon out of its Poke Ball, and more. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the games also include the National Pokédex up to Gen IV, giving players a whopping 493 ‘mon to catch.

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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y

Like Sun & Moon, X & Y was also released on the 3DS, this time in October 2013 in the West. He brought trainers to the Kalos region and introduced 72 new species with Generation VI.

It paved the way for future games in the series as it was the first set of titles to use an eight-way grid when walking instead of four and allowed players to move diagonally for the first time. Pokemon-Amie was also added, and allows people to interact with their monsters using the console’s touch screen for a more personalized and intimate gaming experience.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

Transporting the Kanto Trainers to a location loosely based in Hawaii, Sun & Moon saw players take on trials in the Alola region, rather than the traditional Gym battles known throughout the series.

The Pokedex also received an update and was replaced by the Rotomdex, a real Pokémon in the form of the traditional guide. Like Sword & Shield, Generation VII saw its own region-exclusive forms such as the Alolan Vulpix, Raichu, Muk, and Meowth.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

2014 saw the release of remakes of the hit Game Boy Advance titles from 2002, Ruby and Sapphire. Aptly named Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, they brought 2D pixel gameplay into the modern age on Nintendo 3DS.

One of the main selling points for Pokefans was the addition of Cosplay Pikachu, a special female version that could change outfits, in which the costume would also change one of its moves. It also brought the Mega Evolutions and Mega Stones of X & Y, as well as adding new ones that didn’t exist before. The soundtrack was also improved.