Choosing the perfect van, when you go camper, is one of the key steps. How big should it be? Is a new van better, or a second-hand one? This, and other doubts that you may ask yourself, it is important to solve them before anything else.

If you want to enjoy the life in camper There are three key options: the motorhome, the caravan and the camper van. And we are going to focus on the latter. But more specifically, in camperize your own van. If you have already decided to do it What should you look at in a van? These are 5 keys that you should review, yes or yes, to choose your van that will serve as the basis for the transformation.

The second-hand market is a good ally for camperizations.

1. A new van, or a second-hand van?

Buying a new van will give you the latest in mechanics –or not, necessarily-, the latest technology –it is not 100% safe-, but above all it will give you certain guarantee. The official manufacturer, without going any further, and also the guarantee that there has been no misuse. They cannot exist oxides on the sheet metal, for example, or any type of wear on the bodywork, electronics or mechanics.

But one second hand van it has advantages. The main one is that it’s cheaper and it will allow you to spend a larger budget on the camperization itself. Or, other things being equal, opting for a second-hand van may allow you to access a top size and enjoy a ‘home vehicle’ more comfortable for life on board. This is probably the first key to keep in mind.

5 key tips when choosing a camper van
Larger will mean more comfort in ‘life on board’, but certain complications in driving and use.

2. What size van is ideal for living on the road?

This point is very variable. If you want to do ‘interior life’, a H2 van It would be ideal, because you will be able to stand indoors. But of course, this type of vans is going to give you problems if, for example, you want to access certain underground parking lots, shopping centers, etc. And, of course, when driving they are not as comfortable vehicles for long-distance journeys.

If height is important, so is length of the van. For the inner life, one usually opts for a L2 van, because they are the ones that allow schemes with full bathroom inside; that is, with a shower inside. The bigger it is, the wider the ‘living place’ and the more comfortable it will be to do any task indoors. But these types of vans are difficult in urban areas and will not fit in a typical parking space.

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5 key tips when choosing a camper van
Check if it offers good mechanics or has recognized faults and breakdowns.

3. The history of the van’s engine is critical to ensuring its reliability.

Van engines often offer a reliability notably superior to that offered by the mechanics of a car. But yes, also in these segments there are breakdowns and known issues. The best thing for this is that you read in forums and review information about the history of mechanics of the van, in particular, that you are thinking of buying.

Before choosing which van is the right one to camper, try to find out How good is he motor of that model and that configuration that, a priori, seems to be your ideal option. At the end of the day, this is supposed to be a vehicle with which you will long trips. So long-term reliability is undoubtedly a critical aspect in these types of vehicles.

5 key tips when choosing a camper van
Certain items should be shipped from the factory in the van.

4. Everything that the van already has will be worries that you will save later

If you are going to need the van to have three seats, for example, it is best to take them from the factory. If you are going to want a side window, it would be ideal to bring it from the factory. And so with everything that is possible. The more you can simplify the transformation, right from the start, cheaper the project will end up coming out and, of course, simpler it will be the approval of the transformation.

Obviously, there are elements that never come from the factory. This is the case of skylights, or stationary heating and other types of common facilities in a campervan. But, as far as possible, it is ideal that the original van fits your future needs with it.

5 key tips when choosing a camper van
Some accessories are only available for specific van models.

5. Check if it is one of your favorite vans and if there are accessories for it

Most of the installations, modifications and transformations of a camper van are generic. In other words, the same skylight works for any van, and exactly the same happens with a kitchen, a sink, a toilet, and a very long etcetera. Now there are elements like a lift roof or a Advance that are specific to each van model.

Before deciding on a camper van, or another, it is convenient that you review the aftermarket in specialized sites to find out if what you want to put later exists for your van. For the Volkswagen Transporter it is for the most accessories there are. But there are other models that also have a very extensive catalog of accessories available.

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