5 Important Things You Must Do in PUBG Mobile

5 Important Things You Must Do in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a video game that has a wide variety of tips, tricks and secrets that help us advance in the video game, that’s why today, in this section of our complete guide, we will talk about 5 important things that you must do in PUBG Mobile if you want to achieve victory.

5 things you should not overlook

As we said before, the world of PUBG Mobile contains novelties, tricks and secrets that if we know them, we will be able to improve the performance within the game; Come in the 5 most interesting things have:

1 Pick up ammunition

Although it seems like a simple thing, picking up any type of ammunition you find can be very useful at the right timeso you will have different objects, weapons, bullets and others.

2 Learn to loot

Looting is very relevant, especially because when we knock down an opponent, he will drop weapons and other equipment, so we must be bold when picking it up.

3 Use headphones

One of the ways have better concentration and hear footsteps, vehicles or gunshots It’s through headphones. For this reason, it is very important to use them, since this way we will be aware of any movement or strange noise.

4 Trust no one

Although teaming up can be a good option to get out of trouble, you should keep in mind that at any moment it will become a rivalry and they will end up killing you. So it is best to do it alone.

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5 Pick up items automatically

This is an option that we find within the menu and although at certain times it can help, at other times you will only collect unnecessary things They will take up space in your backpack.

Because of that, there is an option where you can turn it on or off, depending on your preference.

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