Doing yoga, apparently, is a system of practices that include movement, breathing and an inner search, so it becomes a form of meditation in movement. When doing yoga, an emphasis is placed on mindfulness through breathing and movement in the present moment. Thus, not only is the body stretched and strengthened, but you become more aware of your internal world.

Martial Arts

If combat is your thing, martial arts are your ideal way to meditate. These self defense disciplines have all the elements of active meditation. Learning postures and movements, for example, require you to be focused on the present moment. Thus, while you train the body, you train the mind.
The options you have are very wide in these disciplines: from kickboxing (which is considered a hybrid martial art) to taekwondo, karate or even kendo, which uses sabers.

To run

Running is another of those activities full of benefits, and one of them is the state of consciousness that is achieved by running long distances. The internal dialogue is interrupted and the experience becomes almost a spiritual discipline. To achieve this, you have to unite your mind and body, concentrating on your breathing and the rhythm of your feet, and gradually bring your attention to the sights and sounds that are around you.
If running isn’t your thing, you can do something very similar by walking.

Draw or paint

Any artist will say that by practicing his art “you enter the zone”, and that means entering a meditative state. Since ancient times, especially in the East, drawing, painting, writing and other arts have been practiced not only to find beauty in forms, but to achieve a spontaneous meditative state.
It doesn’t matter if you failed Balls and Sticks I – just relax and draw just for the fun of it. Do not judge if it is going well or badly because that is not the point. If you can’t deal with that, opt for a mandala coloring book.
Dance, sing or play an instrument

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7. Playing An Instrument

Music generates states of consciousness that liberate the human being. We dance not to think, we sing to be happy, we play an instrument, and we become aware of sound and the way our bodies position themselves to generate sounds through instruments. By doing these activities, we bring a work to life, and at best, we feel it. This becomes an introspective journey.