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Electric scooters have become the favorite option of many users to move around the city. Here is a list of the cheapest ones you can buy.

Sustainable mobility is the order of the day in cities, and electric scooters are the great protagonists. Lightweight, portable, fast for short-term commutes and above all, friendly with the environment.

With all these advantages, It is no wonder that many users have decided to make the electric scooter their favorite method of transportation. to go from home to work or to class. Therefore, more and more models have emerged and the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter has a lot of competition.

If you are thinking of buying a second-hand electric scooter, we give you some information and tips that you should take into account beforehand.

So that you find yourself between so many models and you also have your own scooter for very little, here we leave you a list with five electric scooters for less than 300 euros that are perfect to move around the city. And don’t forget to take care of it so that it will last you many years!

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential

How could it be otherwise, the list begins with the most famous and best-selling electric scooter from Amazon: the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, which has conquered thousands of users around the globe. It costs you 279.90 euros, reduced from a price of 299.99 euros.

Elegant in design, extremely portable and highly secure, its aircraft-grade aluminum alloy main casing allows unmatched lightness and robustness. In addition, it includes an integrated lock for added security. Reach 20 kilometers per hour And depending on how you use it, its battery can last you up to three days.

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter is one of the most popular electric scooters. It has a range of about 30 kilometers, braking light, regenerative braking and a speed of 25 kilometers per hour.

You can link the scooter with your smartphone and control it via Bluetooth with the Mi Home app to check driving speed and remaining power in real time. It has anti-slip tires and 8.5-inch shock absorbers with double brake system, integrated screen and an ultra-bright headlight to drive at night.

Cecotec Bongo Serie A

Another electric scooter that is making its way at high speed is the Bongo Serie A, from the Spanish brand Cecotec. Without a doubt, it is the electric scooter with the best value for money on the list, costing 299 euros on Amazon, same price than on the official Cecotec website.

This electric scooter boasts a maximum power of 700W and is able to climb hills without any problem, reaching a maximum speed of up to 25 kilometers per hour. It has an approximate range of 25 kilometers and has an interchangeable battery.

Electric scooter with removable battery and 700W motor. It is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 25 km / h and offers a range of up to 20 kilometers with its battery.

It has a triple safety braking system with disc brake, electric and added rear manual brake, 8.5-inch tubeless wheels with anti-blowout system and on-board computer that marks the speed, battery and the status of the scooter.

It has three driving modes: Eco Mode, to save; battery; Comfort mode, for better performance and optimal consumption; Y Sport mode, which provides maximum power and speed. And it charges in less than five hours!

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SmartGyro Xtreme XD

The SmartGyro Xtreme XD electric scooter only costs 239 euros And it is designed to accompany you around the city for a long time, as a faithful method of transport to go to work, to class or from one place to another without getting tired.

It has a Brushless motor no belt or bearings and maintenance free to avoid breakdowns. Dispose of a 6,600mAh lithium battery and reaches a maximum speed of 24 kilometers per hour, with a range of up to 18 kilometers. It charges in three to four hours.

With a weight of approximately 10 kg and 18 km of battery autonomy, this scooter is at the height of the mid-range of its sector, although it maintains a very affordable price compared to others.

It has a front pneumatic front wheel to absorb potholes and a solid rear wheel to avoid punctures, electric brake on the rear wheel and a multifunction display that allows you to choose three different gears. It is designed for people aged 14 and over. In addition, it incorporates rear lights, allows you to climb slopes with a 15 degree angle of inclination.

Xiaomi M365 Pro

Xiaomi returns to the list with the M365 Pro, another of its most famous electric scooters. It costs 299.99 euros on Amazon, but you can apply a discount coupon of 30 euros that leaves it in just 269.99 euros.

This scooter works with a powerful 350W motor and reaches a maximum speed of 30 kilometers per hour, with a range of up to 30 kilometers. It charges in just four hours, so you’ll have it ready to go where you want right away.

Travel 45 kilometers with just one charge, more power to climb the slopes, at more than 25 km / h, and know all the information about the scooter at any time without using the smartphone. This is the evolution of the Xiaomi M365.

Features 8.5-inch anti-puncture tires with high elasticity and wear resistance and an aluminum alloy frame that makes it a scooter as light as it is robust, weighing just 12 kilos. Can be controlled through the Mi Home app.

ZWHEEL E9 Series

The E9 Series scooter of the ZWHEEL brand costs 285 euros on Amazon, but you can apply a discount coupon of 20 euros that leaves it in 265 euros. An excellent price for a remarkable scooter, especially for sporadic use in the city.

Both the motor and the battery of the ZWHEEL E9 Series are high performance, with a 300W motor that allows a range of up to 20 kilometers and a maximum charging time of between four and five hours.

Get the ZWHEEL E9 Series electric scooter for 265 euros

You can control it through a mobile application, from which you can activate and deactivate the cruise control, adjust the speed limit or monitor the mileage, among others. It has solid tires and disc brake, which provides more stability and safety during your trip.

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