Remember some of the darkest passages that Robert Kirkman’s story, Marvel Zombies, gave us, a fact that marked an entire generation

One of the ideal Marvel stories for Halloween days is Marvel Zombies, where Robert Kirkman, author of the acclaimed story of The Walking Dead tells us the horror that the Marvel Universe experiences with the entry of a zombie virus, which gives us dark passages.

Heroism and epic feats are left behind, now the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe struggle to survive, some from the claws of death, others from not being eaten by former allies turned into zombies.

Relive some of the darkest passages that Marvel Zombies gave us, an unmissable event for fans of La Casa de las Ideas.

The macabre conversion of Fantastic Four

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Far from seeing it as a threat, Reed Richard recognized the zombie virus as a necessary evolution for the human race, so through some experiments, Reed infects Sue, Johny and Ben, who remain dumbfounded by the death of Frank and Valerie .

Far from avoiding being attacked, Reed accepts his deadly fate after turning his companions into zombies through thousands of exploits.

Hank Pym attacks Janet, opening wounds from the past

5 dark passages inside Marvel Zombies
Marvel comics

Janet finds Hank Pym, who has kept T’Challa alive to find the cure for the zombie virus, but also to have fresh food.

Faced with this finding, Hank hits Janet hard once more, which leads us to remember the intimate partner violence they experienced years ago. The Marvel Zombies version takes a ghoulish twist when Hank rips Janet’s head off.

She-Hulk attacks Frank and Valerie Richards

5 dark passages inside Marvel Zombies
Marvel comics

Former ally of the Fantastic Four, Jeniffer Walters manages to enter the Baxter Building where the Richard family was sheltered, and maddened by human flesh, She-Hulk attacks the children of Reed and Sue.

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As witnesses to the macabre scene, Reed and Sue embrace the corpses of their children and Sue uses her powers to blow the head of She-Hulk, before the gaze of Johnny and Ben who are devastated by the death of the smallest of the first superhero family

T’Challa is still alive

5 dark passages inside Marvel ZombiesOnce infected with the zombie virus, Hank Pym managed to kidnap T’Challa to keep him alive with a double purpose, to end the zombie virus, but in the interim he also devours the King of Wakanda.

While Hank Pym operated on T’Challa and kept him sedated, the bearer of the Black Panther mantle manages to escape to

Spider-Man eats Aunt May and Mary Jane

5 dark passages inside Marvel ZombiesOne of the least imagined moments was starred by the friendly neighbor Spider-Man, who was one of the first infected by the zombie virus, and when he got home he had no mercy to attack and devour Mary Jane.

Aunt May, who is a witness to the heinous crime, is not only horrified by the Dantesque scene, she also becomes the second victim of Spidey zombie.

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Marvel Zombies horror can be yours at SMASH and Marvel Comics Mexico

In a land very, very similar to the Marvel Universe, an alien virus turned the world’s greatest superheroes into ruthless monsters whose sole purpose and desire is to EAT MEAT!

These terrible beings took less than an hour to destroy civilization as we know it; But what happens when there is no more human and hunger persists?

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SMASH and Marvel Comics México bring you Marvel Zombies, an account from the mind of the creator of “The Walking Dead”, Robert Kirkman and the zombie art of Sean Phillips that marked a generation.

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