These five models are perhaps not the first purchase options that would come to mind. But if you think about it coldly, each of them has its own arguments, and solid enough, to become your next car.

When you go to buy a new car, it is only possible that you do it in two ways: as a passionate decision, or as a rational decision. Now, not everything is black or white, there is a gray scale in the important decision to get a vehicle. In this selection of Purchase optionshowever, I have wanted to pick up some models that do not thrill, or that they can hardly be a passionate purchase, but that they deserve every euro they are worth. Very, very rational shopping.

They can be because of their economical price, for its practical solutions, for its robust mechanics or for any other reason. What is certain is that, except for some very specific buyers, these are models that they do not usually enter by sight. But that, when you try them, and for the reasons that we will describe, you end up realizing that they are worth shopping.

In its latest restyling, the Fiat Tipo Cross was added as a more ‘adventurous’ version of the Tipo.

Fiat Type

Sorry if you think so, but the Fiat Tipo is not a particularly pretty car. What it is, in addition to being simple at the technological and finishing level, is a car with convenient mechanics. Simple engines from 95 to 130 hp, in gasoline and diesel options, and with more than proven reliability. Electronics is another conversation apart.

Due to its dimensions, interior space and price, few real direct alternatives can be found in the new vehicle market. It is available as a sedan, as a compact and as a station wagon, and its trunk can reach a generous 550 liters of capacity, and offering about five seats with quite correct space in the second row.

5 cars that do not excite, but are worth every euro they cost
At first glance it reminds of ‘those wonderful minivans’ already extinct.

Honda Jazz

If the Fiat Tipo doesn’t fit the eye, the Honda Jazz is likely even less so. Its gasoline consumption does not even reach 4 L / 100 km, and that is likely to change the way you look at this model. And that is thanks to the fact that its 109 hp petrol engine is available only and exclusively in a hybrid configuration –not pluggable- with excellent efficiency.

But it is also a model with a 304-liter boot and quite spacious rear seats. Again, it is not a model that stands out especially for its technological equipment or for the finishes of its interior. But it is a more than convenient car for those looking for a practical urban.

5 cars that do not excite, but are worth every euro they cost
Its consumption is very low, its interior space is well used and it has 4×4.

Suzuki ignis

The Type and the Jazz have a pass, but the Suzuki Ignis … well, it has a different design than usual. Sometimes the important thing is inside, and in this model it is fulfilled because despite its only 3.7 meters it offers 260 liters of luggage space and surprisingly spacious rear seats.

It is a small car, but also fearfully light: only 860 kilos. With its 18 cm of ground clearance, such a short body and the configuration with Four-wheel drive Smart, the Suzuki Ignis shows off the road infinitely more capable than most SUVs on the market. It offers 83 hp thanks to its gasoline engine with microhybridization and is, in short, a much more interesting car than it seems a priori. In addition, with a consumption that is around 4 L / 100 km.

5 cars that do not excite, but are worth every euro they cost
Rather, its design is outdated. But it is an economic model, and broad, interesting as a family.

Dacia Lodgy

The Dacia Lodgy’s minivan-type body and the years, which are heavy, are what make the Romanian less attractive. It is offered with 95 and 115 hp diesel engines, with consumption of less than 4.5 L / 100 km, and can hold up to 7 seats inside. So space is perhaps the most interesting aspect of this model that, above all, is economical.

Its finishes and qualities are fair, but its mechanics offer a very tight consumption for a vehicle with a family inclination. In which we can not only be up to 7 passengers, but we can also carry a load of 827 liters of volume in the trunk –this data, in particular, is with 5 seats-.

5 cars that do not excite, but are worth every euro they cost
Its price / equipment ratio is possibly what makes it most attractive.

SsangYong Korando

Here is the exception, because the SsangYong Korando, in my opinion, is an aesthetically attractive car. But it is probably not the first option that comes to mind when thinking of a model of its characteristics. Its mechanics range from 136 to 163 hp, in gasoline and diesel options.

Its price, from less than 20,000 euros, places the Korando in a good place within its segment, especially since it comes well equipped from the lower part of its range. It offers a correct trunk of 551 liters of capacity and has a good driving behavior.