The rebranding is vitally important for brands to continue improving your positioning, these are 5 that managed to do it effectively.

More and more companies do rebranding, marketing strategy that consists of partially or totally modifying the set of elements that identify a brand, for example Logo, typography, design, renewal of products or services and message content among others, with the aim ofe improve your positioning. Over time, brands choose to carry out this type of strategy for different reasons, it can be to reposition themselves in the market, end up with a bad image or give a new face in front of the consumer and adopt new potential customers; however, if this is not done properly, it could even affect your image.

When is the best time to rebrand?

In accordance with Pure Marketing, the rebranding It is necessary for different factors, one of them is make technical advances. New technologies have caused companies to adapt to the new opportunities to grow a business (or that this is not in decline). An example of this is the SMEs that had to move to e-commerce during the pandemic to bring their sales back to level. In the same way we could see this with Blockbuster, which failed to adapt to the new market on the internet, causing it to go bankrupt.

Similarly, the rebranding can be an opportunity for companies that want to change their brand image a bit, giving them an opportunity to “relaunch”, as did some brands that we will show you below.

5 brands that rebranding and improved their image

McDonald’s – Surely you will remember McDonald’s when it was a chain of fast food restaurants that began as a company that innovated with the production of fast food, however, with the passage of time it began to gain an image with a bad reputation where they gave food “trash”. The rebranding that the brand had began with the inclusion of healthier foods in its menu, such as fresh food and salads, in addition to changing the facades of its branches.

Nike – Over time, Nike has changed its image on several occasions. Previously, the official Nike logo contained the company name along with the iconic “Swoosh”, however, this has achieved brand recognition by the consumer without the need to show the name of this.

Instagram – Instagram has similarly shown different logos over time, however, more and more it has chosen to make these in a simpler way, starting in 2010 with the image of an old-fashioned camera, to date showing a background of colors with minimalist silhouettes that “resemble” a camera, giving a simple and modern touch.

CinépolisCinépolis, in addition to providing the Change of its Logo In 2019, he saw a new opportunity to rebranding (in accordance with Paredro) to adapt to the digital market with Cinépolis Klic, since the presence on streaming platforms has been notorious; Statista shows in its study that only in Mexico the consumption of streaming platforms in 2020 had an increase of 32 percent in Mexico, so Cinépolis made a good decision to anticipate this market.

Pepsi – The company has had several logos that mainly had many elements in their image, such as 3D effects, letters and the introduction of various elements, but like Instagram, they decided that the best option for a logo at this time are being those where it predominates simplicity.

These were 5 brands who managed to do a rebranding cash, keeping up with market trends and changing its image.

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