We have told you many times about the best strategy games on Xbox One. It is a genre that contains many games and can often be a mixed bag because not all strategy games are the same. For example, tactical RPGs have nothing to do with MOBAs, but both offer a system of very strategic combat. Today we focus on the latter, since you can play the best MOBA games available on Xbox One.

What are MOBAs? This term is short for multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA) and it has a very tactical combat system. Players form teams and face off on a battlefield to destroy the enemy’s base. Each game controls a hero who has his own characteristics of attack, defense, movement and other abilities. You have to take all this into account because it can be the difference between victory or defeat.

Characters can level up, make money to buy items that improve your stats. The variety of characters available is so wide that there are many situations in every confrontation. League of Legends is not available on Xbox One, although there are others interesting alternatives to play with friends. Remember that to access the online functions you need to have a Xbox Live Gold subscription, unless the game is free.

Top 5 best MOBA games for Xbox One

In this list you have the 5 best MOBA games to play on Xbox One, where you can not miss proposals free as SMITE. These games have in common the main objective, quick games, real-time combat and especially the online multiplayer.


It is an action MOBA developed by Titan Forge Games, distributed by Hi-Rez Studios, Tencent Holdings Ltd and Level Up! Games. It consists of the confrontation of two teams in 8 different game modes that have a variety of objectives, these are made up of 3 to 5 players They will have chosen in advance one of the available characters, which are based on mythical Gods from different parts of the world. The gameplay has a third person perspective, players can control the character to attack, interact and activate special abilities that each God has.

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Along with League of Legends, this is the Most popular MOBA of all time and you can play it for free on Xbox One. 2 teams of 5 players who control a god with superhuman fantastic powers. You can choose between more than 100 characters, some of them inspired by mythology. The most popular game mode is Conquest, where players advance down lanes to destroy fortresses enemies.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a game developed from scratch for mobile devices and console. While generally very similar to the PC version of League of Legends, this new title features a new Summoner’s Rift that has been simplified to make games shorter. According to the study, they last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. The games are of 5 vs 5. When it comes to playing, it has a ranked games mode that is designed for the most competitive players. In this mode players get unique loot. As for the number of champions, there are 40.

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Based on the League of Legends universe, the game has this adaptation with amazing graphics. So you will find the same characters, classes and objects. There are not many differences from the PC version, so players will compete in different positions with characters from ranged attack (ADC), melee, wizards and other classes available.

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AirMech Arena

AirMech Arena is a free-to-play multiplayer video game Online Battle Arena (MOBA) developed by Carbon Games. The player controls a giant robot He can fly and land anywhere on the stage to help his units. Can build units, place or collect them on the battlefield to participate in combat. The main objective of the game is destroy the fortress the other team and keep yours safe. All this while they get money to improve units, pilots or AirMechs. The fortress spawns creeps, infantry units that can capture outposts.

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This MOBA is really amazing because of the unit versatility. The player can fly over the map to follow the aerial combat as in the field, but also this gives you the possibility to flee or travel the same distance of a quick way. It has many game modes that allow you to play solo up to 3v3 or at a clear disadvantage; mode of capture the flag or survival, among others.

Awesomenauts Assemble!

Awesomenauts Assemble! is a multiplayer game of battle arena online (MOBA) developed by Ronimo Games. As a novelty, the game introduces elements of 2D platforms and fighting games. Players initially choose one of the available characters known as Awesomenauts who have unique appearance and abilities. During the game, two teams of three characters face each other and the objective is destroy the core of the opposing team that is located in its base. Players can return to base whenever they want to heal or spend money to improve your attributes.

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This unique game has a cartoon design great fun as well as addictive gameplay. Maps are very dynamic, as they include elements such as towers and platforms to take a certain advantage in the fighting. Especially if you know how to use them. The main objective is improve your attributes to do more and more damage and that is achieved killing minions of the opposing team.

Paladins: Champions of Realm

Paladins is a first person shooter game developed by Hi-Rez and with a strong competitive component, as it is based on teams of 5 players competing in 30 minute online games. Users can get a series of heroes that they have different weapons and abilities with a certain role. They can improve their statistics through cards and obtain other cosmetic items playing games. It has different fantastic scenarios, where players can take advantage of its advantages to win the games.

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While it is not a full-fledged MOBA, it does have many elements in common. Players also form two teams with characters from damage, tank, support or flanks and the objective is to conquer a central point to carry explosives to the base contrary. So the only way to push the load is by doing real-time clashes and in the first person.

What is your favorite MOBA? Although there is not much variety of titles, most of these games follow a free-to-play business model. This means that you can play them totally free and they can include micropayments that do not influence the future of the game. These games are easy to understand, but difficult to master. So we encourage you to find out which are the best MOBA games in history.