The best PlayStation 4 simulation games are really quite varied, but they all have a similar goal. Try to recreate situations from real life, so the fighting games they also recreate very intense and detailed battles. As you can imagine, these games focus especially on the online multiplayer mode for players to actively participate in wars. Therefore, best fighting games for PS4 they use shooting mechanics or melee attacks.

So it is common for players to control a series of military vehicles by land, sea, and air. Fighting games propose real-time clashes, where the strategy can go wrong and you will have to improvise. In these cases, stages are very big and elements of the environment can be used to cover or hide if necessary. Among the most important games of this genre we can find air combat simulatorsas well as land battlefields and ship battles.

Below we recommend the best fighting games for PS4 console. So you can enjoy multiplayer games with friends, so you will need a PlayStation Plus subscription to take advantage of online features. This is not the case with free-to-play games which you can access for free. With this in mind, you can now see this selection of titles that will make you enjoy the first-person matches for many hours.

Top 5 best fighting games for PS4

Enjoy the 5 best fighting games available on PS4 to participate in battles against other players. In these games you can drive armed vehicles while shooting your opponents in very exciting fights.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

It’s time to show that you are capable of piloting a fighter plane in Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. This new installment of the Ace Combat saga not only has photorealistic graphics with 360 degrees of movement, it also offers gamers a more immersive experience. Both the environment and the weather affect the interface and the aircraft. In terms of content, the campaign mode includes more than 20 missions. The PS4 version comes with content for PlayStation VR. PC users can play with a controller by having full compatibility with that peripheral. At the time of playing it has voices in English / Japanese and texts in Spanish.

More details of Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Ace Combat 7 aircraft have a incredible level of detail that make them very realistic. In fact, each model is created in a faithful way to the originals and in different epochs of history. However, the game style is more arcade so that the games are faster and more fun. This allows players to do aerial maneuvers easily like laps or different stunts.

War thunder

War Thunder is an MMO combat game that focuses on the military aircraft, armored vehicles and the fleet of the Second World War. Users will be able to participate in great battles with other players from around the world in real time. The strategy is essential in this game, players can wage war individually or communicate with their team to achieve victory.

More details of War Thunder

A free-to-play game that recreates very complete military battles because various types of land, sea and air vehicles can be used. It presents three game modes where two teams always face each other– Arcade battles, realistic battles and simulator battles. These last have a slower pace, but the vehicles behave in an identical way as real life.

World of tanks

World of Tanks is a massively multiplayer online game featuring battle tanks early and mid-twentieth century. Players face off in the same completely random scenario and control their own armored vehicle, which can be a light, medium or heavy tank, a tank destroyer or a self-propelled weapon. The player has control over the movement of the vehicle, the shots and can communicate with other players to work out a strategy through voice or written chat. Although it is a totally free game, players can also access premium content by paying a fee.

More details of World of Tanks

Similar to War Thunder, this MMO is playable free on PlayStation 4. However, it does not have as much variety of vehicles, since it focuses on models of armored tanks and self-propelled artillery vehicles. The maps are random and each game is different, where two teams of 15 players each. Each vehicle can carry three consumables such as repair kits or fire extinguishers.


Crossout is a MMO driving video game where the frenetic action meets the apocalyptic chaos that has plagued everything. Your mission is build your own combat vehicles with all the arsenal you have and lead them to end everything that stands in your way. All these vehicles are completely unique and customizable, so the strategic element is also a weapon to consider when dealing with enemies controlled by the CPU or other players in online fighting where you can have explosive confrontations, loaded with tension and spectacularity.

More details of Crossout

Another free game that you can play on PS4 to participate in real time battles. Teams face off to eliminate each other with armed vehicles from different factions. There are 7 different factions and matchmaking brings together vehicles of relatively equal levels to make them balanced matches. This is measured through the weapons they use.

EVE Online

It is a space MMORPG-RTS developed and distributed by CCP Games. The game is based on space where players will have the ability to travel up to 5000 star systems where there will be planets, stars, moons, and many more galactic elements. Here each of the players must choose a profession, such as mining, trading, manufacturing, and combat*, little by little more experience can be gained depending on the real-time training system.

More details about EVE Online

We couldn’t avoid including EVE Online on this list because of its combat system. It is true that players can stay in safe places, but the bravest have incredible prizes like large loot or rare minerals. In space there are thousands of ships to fight, from battleships to smaller and faster ships like frigates.

Here they can be handled war tanks, fighter planes of many different models, futuristic ships or well-armed ships. Now that you know the top fighting games On PlayStation 4, there is no excuse for boredom. Although you can also take a look at the best fighting games in history because you will find proposals for other platforms.