Although Telegram has existed since 2013, it was from the pandemic that the application gained worldwide relevance. Broadly speaking, it is a free instant messaging service that allows the sending of files and group communication. For a time he was compared to WhatsApp but in reality it is much more. It is constantly updated and adds useful functions. As a consequence, it already accumulates more than 500 million users around the world.

Now, the usefulness of this social network goes beyond personal communication. Its functions can be very useful on a professional level and in your case to strengthen the doctor-patient relationship. In fact, one of the newest features to be added is video calling. Although if you are interested in knowing how else it can help you in your work, we share other resources that you can take advantage of.

Locate nearby patients

One of the unique functions of Telegram is that through the phone’s GPS it allows identifying people who are within a kilometer around and also have this application. In this way you can capture potential patients who are close to the location of your office.

Store utility files for your queries

When you need to save files from your cell phone to a safe place, Telegram is undoubtedly the option. You just have to send any information to a friend’s window and then delete it from the dialog window or to saved messages. There is also the option of creating a “private” channel in which you can empty any category of information. If you have illustrative images that you need for your inquiries then you can store them here.

Create groups and spread your practice

Through Telegram you can create an information channel of any kind. The objective is that it works as a newsletter so that all your notifications reach other people. It is a fairly simple function and all you need is to broadcast your channel through your social networks. Once the interested people have registered, they will be able to receive everything you want to share related to the topic you want to publish. In this way you can disseminate it to your office or share any other type of health information.

Group Finder

The function of the groups can not only be used to disseminate your work but also to get to know that of other colleagues. Through the search engine you can find other channels focused on health or on any other topic that is of interest to you. Within each one you will be able to obtain all the necessary information and thus interact with other people through the application.

Free video calls

One of the many functions of Telegram is the possibility of making video calls that you can convert into medical video consultations. This mechanism is ideal for these times of pandemic where there is still some fear of face-to-face activities. If you have patients who do not want to go to a consultation then you can offer them this alternative so that they do not lose the proximity.