5 banned foods for one-year-old babies

5 banned foods for one-year-old babies

For your baby to have a balanced diet it is important to know what foods are prohibited for one-year-old children.


These are the foods that are prohibited for babies one-year-old or younger.

1. Salt 

Specialists recommend that children under twelve months of age should not consume large amounts of salt, as this can damage their kidneys that are still immature. It is also important not to add salt to the porridge, or seasonings or sauces.

2. Sugar

 Prevents your baby from overeating sweets, sugary drinks, pastries, etc. Since in this way you keep cavities away from your teeth. The porridge does not need sugar either if you make them from fruit, they contain a “natural sweet” flavor that your child will love.

3. Honey

Do not think that being natural is better. As it is sweet it also causes cavities and some allergies. To make matters worse, the consumption of bee honey in children under one year can produce toxins in their intestines.

4. Nuts

They are very healthy, but they are prohibited foods for one-year-old babies since if you offer them whole, drowning is the main risk. Specialists indicate that this type of food should be included after three years. Always under your supervision.

5. Raw food

As which? Fish, eggs or raw meat. This type of food of animal origin generates serious infections in children.

Take great care of your baby’s diet and prevent future illnesses.

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