5 astringent foods to eliminate diarrhea

5 astringent foods to eliminate diarrhea

Diet is a very important factor in diarrhea episodes. The right foods promote digestion and keep the body hydrated.

5 astringent foods to eliminate diarrhea

Last update: January 11, 2022

When an episode of diarrhea appears there are certain astringent foods that can help reverse the situation. The diet is important to continue providing nutrients, regain intestinal well-being and promote the work of the digestive system.

Whatever the reason for the diarrhea, the most appropriate diet is a soft or gastric protection diet. It is an eating plan that allows the digestive system to rest at this time that is most affected.

Food with a marked astringent activity can be added to this therapeutic diet. Due to this property, They help to slow down bowel movements, prevent water loss and reduce inflammation of the intestinal mucous membranes. Are you interested in knowing what they are? Follow reading and discover them!

These are the 5 most recommended astringent foods for diarrhea

As stated by a article published in National Center for Biotechnology Information, diet is a key factor in managing diarrhea. In particular, a soft diet is recommended ‘BRAT’ that contributes to the relief of symptoms. Let’s see the most recommended foods.

1. Banana

One of the most suitable fruits during diarrhea processes. It is abundant in soluble fiber and resistant starch. The latter contributes to the protection of the gastrointestinal mucosa and helps to make the stool bolus more solid.

What’s more, it is very digestive and has the advantage of having a good amount of potassium (one of the minerals that is easily lost and that should be replaced). To do this, you should choose green or unripe bananas.

Due to its fiber, resistant starch, and potassium content, bananas are one of the best foods for recovering from diarrhea.

2. White rice

Without a doubt, white rice is one of the most popular dishes for any stomach problem. In this case, there is a controlled trial which supports the introduction of rice soup (along with oral rehydration solutions) in the treatment of acute diarrhea in children.

White rice does not contain fiber and the presence of starch favors the increase in the density of the stool. It can be taken in small quantities and take advantage of its cooking water to drink throughout the day.

3. Natural yogurt

Another way to help the gut during bouts of diarrhea is to eat foods that provide probiotics. These contribute to the restoration of the intestinal flora that is altered due to the great evacuation of water.

Natural yogurt provides these live bacteria, which are also found in other fermented dairy derivatives such as kefir. It is necessary to choose a yogurt without added sugar, otherwise it can worsen the symptoms and the loss of electrolytes.

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4. Lemon juice

Lemon is a type of fruit that contains a remarkable amount of tannins. Thanks to these, water with lemon juice can exert astringent activity and be an indicated food during diarrhea.

5. Quince

Quince also contains tannins which, together with the fiber, give it astringent properties. Various parts of the fruit, as well as its sweet, have been traditionally used in the treatment of diarrhea and other digestive problems.

It also contains demulcent components that help soften irritated mucous membranes. This fruit is consumed after cooking, either in the form of compote, jelly or sweet. It is best to avoid very sweet options and eat it in moderation.

What else can you eat apart from astringent foods to get rid of diarrhea?

At the beginning of an episode of diarrhea, the most important thing is to ensure the intake of fluids to be able to replenish fluids and electrolytes that are lost. Some people are even the only thing they can tolerate.

For this, the best drink is water. This can be accompanied by mild broths or solutions with electrolytes that can be recommended in the pharmacy. Avoid carbonated drinks, caffeine, and sugary soft drinks and juices.

The astringent foods recommended in the above list help to make a fecal bolus and allow to stop the strongest decomposition. But a soft diet also has room for other foods that make it more complete and that allow a speedy recovery.

  • White pasta, white bread, cooked oatmeal, boiled potato.
  • White fish and chicken or turkey meat. It can be boiled, baked or grilled.
  • Apart from the yogurt, you can add cottage cheese, fresh cheese or natural kefir.
  • Vegetable broths, overcooked or pureed vegetables. It is advisable to avoid the most flatulent.
  • Cooked or stewed apple and pear.

In addition, It is advisable to eat small amounts – often – and chew your food very well. The cooking should be simple, without sauces, frying, or a lot of added fat. All these guidelines promote digestion and improve the entire disease process.

Foods such as white fish help provide protein during episodes of diarrhea.

Astringent foods to stop diarrhea are good as part of a bland diet

Banana, rice or quince are part of the typical diets BRAT for diarrhea. This type of diet has been recommended for years by doctors and specialists to treat some stomach and intestinal ailments.

However, nowadays its prescription is no longer so common, as it could be deficient in some important nutrients (such as proteins or fats). For this reason, It is not advisable to take astringent foods exclusively, or for a long time.

When the episode of diarrhea begins to improve, it is advised return to the usual diet ASAP. Doing so can reduce the duration of the problem, prevent intestinal permeability, and improve the nutritional status of those affected.

In most cases, diarrhea appears as a response of the body to some harmful agent. Fortunately, it is easy to alleviate with proper food and dietary habits. In any case, you should consult your doctor if it persists for more than two days, appears recurrently, or is accompanied by fever, pain, or rectal bleeding.

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