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4 tips for cleaning your pet’s teeth

4 tips for cleaning your pet’s teeth

If we don’t keep the dental health of dogs and catsThese usually have problems such as cardiovascular conditions, infections, strokes, among others.

But, How to contribute to the dental health of our pets? Experts from the Amascota Group explain it to us.

brushing at home
Use a gauze pad to clean your dog’s and/or cat’s teeth at least three times a week to prevent the formation of tartar. Once they get used to it, add special toothpaste for them. Do not use human paste, it is highly toxic to them!

The croquettes also protect against oral diseases, some of them are formulated with special ingredients that fix calcium, in addition the abrasive effect of the croquettes helps reduce dental plaque.

dental awards
These rewards work as aids in the prevention of plaque and tartar formation, so they serve as support to promote the health of your gums. However, the use of these treats are not a substitute for tooth brushing.

watch him eat
If you notice that your dog or cat has a hard time chewing, you find visible damage or stains on its teeth, take it to your veterinarian or a specialist to check them and detect the cause of the problem and prescribe treatment.