There are only a few more weeks until the launch of Halo Infinite, however, what is new about 343 Industries will debut without the ability to play a cooperative campaign and without the mode Forge. Its authors came out to explain the why behind this, and it is for good reason.

As part of a new interview with IGN, the game director, Joseph Staten, answered why we will not see these two functions until mid-2022, and in the end it all comes down to the issue of optimization.

“I work on Halo, but I’m still a Halo fan. The cooperative campaign is essential to the experience. Playing Halo with your friends is playing Halo, be it in multiplayer or in the campaign, so of all the decisions we had to make, the delay of the co-op was the most difficult.

The reality is that the cooperative was not ready and we decided to prioritize our efforts in other areas. “

As you could see 343 preferred to prioritize the overall experience of Halo Infinite was in a better state for its launch, in addition to the fact that the two previously mentioned functions will sooner or later make it to the title.

Halo Infinite will come to consoles Xbox and PC on December 8.


Editor’s note: I think 343 made the right decision by deciding to prioritize game optimization. Although I recognize that these functions are extremely important, it is even more important that the game debuts in a good state and avoid controversies and problems with bugs, glitches, crashes and others.

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Via: IGN

343 explains Halo Infinite co-op campaign delay

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