34 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest | Technology

34 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest |  Technology

What has happened the last 24 hours in the world of technology? You have it here summarized in about thirty news headlines, and grouped by theme.

It has been leakedto event date Samsung Unpacked where they will be presented the new Galaxy S22. And also the prices… The Unpacked will be the day february 9.

Browse at home at 40 Gbps? The Wi-Fi 7 its head is already rearing its head, and its coming-out is expected in 2023.

We premiere Chapter 3 of the second season of our podcast ComputerHoy 2.0. today in video format. We count our impressions of the latest products that we have tested and analyzed.

technological news

The date of the Samsung Unpacked event is filtered, where the Galaxy S22 will be presented. read the news

The Internet connection with Starlink in Rural Spain works at fiber speeds. read the news

WiFi 7 already reaches speeds of 40 Gbps and is announced for 2023. read the news

Bitcoin price drop may become more drastic: $25,000 by the end of June. read the news

Record and share on networks how the 2-cent Bizum scam works. read the news

Spain puts a stop to piracy and does so by blocking almost 900 streaming websites. read the news


The European prices of the Samsung Galaxy S22 are filtered weeks before its official launch. read the news

Zero-Power: this is the technology with which OPPO wants to get rid of batteries. read the news

The Oppo Reno 7 promises a great photographic advance of its range and officially arrives on February 4 according to the teaser. read the news

The Google Pixel 6a could see the light in May of this year with more modest specifications. read the news

Exynos 2200 RDNA2 GPU is up to 25% faster than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 in graphics tests. read the news

If the screen of your iPhone 13 turns pink, don’t worry, it has a solution. read the news

Lenovo would be preparing a new gaming phone and it would come with a Qualcomm processor that has not yet been announced. read the news

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computers and tablets

Intel will launch five different models of its new Intel Arc graphics card. read the news

How to improve the performance of your Internet connection. read the news


The secrets of an expert to detect cryptocurrencies that will grow like foam. read the news

10 cool tricks to put ice cube trays to new use. read the news

entertainment and gaming

Movistar+ has changed its name and image: this is all customers need to know. read the news

All the premieres of the week on Netflix: a series arrives with the formula that cannot fail. read the news

Fans want this to be the next James Bond. read the news

Why Lucifer has finally been the most watched series of 2021 and not The Squid Game. read the news

When are the final episodes of Ozark Season 4 Part 2 premiering: the end is near. read the news

The DDoS attack in Andorra left streamers and youtubers offline. read the news


They detect a new error when making calls with Android Auto. read the news

Buy a drone in 2022: guide, advice, legislation and best models to start with. read the report

7 curious facts about the Mercedes Class A that few know. read the news

The most common mistakes that damage your car battery in winter. read the news

It is considered that there is a Tesla Cybertruck of different sizes. read the news


Elon Musk begins trials to implant a chip in the brain that allows storing and reproducing memories. read the news

The black future predicted by Bill Gates after overcoming the Coronavirus pandemic. read the news

If you have excess body fat, blame your smoking grandfather. read the news

The curiosities of the day

Soap bubbles that float for a year: this has been achieved in France. read the news

The AirCar flying car receives European certification: it can now fly throughout Europe (video). read the news

Airbnb offers free house in Italy for a year. Do you want to participate? read the news

This has been the technology news summary of the day. Have a nice day!