33 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest | Technology

33 technology news to start the morning informed of the latest |  Technology

Welcome to the ComputerHoy.com technology brief. We start the day with the most important news that has occurred throughout the weekend.

Yesterday they were fulfilled 15 years since the introduction of the iPhone, when Steve Jobs changed the world forever.

Samsung’s adventure to create its own Android-based operating system comes to an end: close the Tizen app store.

We recommend the review of the DJI Action 2 action camera, Nokia Streaming Box player, Facebook Portal + speaker, and SmartMi Heat Convector heater. And reports like 10 worst Windows 11 problems, the highest paying jobs that require no experience, the best routers of 2021 by price range, 5 signs the SSD is about to die, and much more.

Technological news

The craziest tech products seen at CES 2022. Read the news

15 years have passed since the introduction of the iPhone, Steve Jobs changed the world forever. Read the news

PayPal Coin: this would be the cryptocurrency that PayPal prepares. Read the news

This hotel chain converts its Windows PCs to ChromeOS after a ransomware attack. Read the news

Mobile phones

Samsung takes another step to end Tizen and would have closed its application store for its mobiles. Read the news

These are the best cheap Xiaomi phones in 2022. Read the report

Computers and tablets

With this secret keyboard combination you can get out of any blockage on your computer. Read the news

How to activate Flags in Chrome to test beta features. Read the tutorial

Top 10 Worst Windows 11 Problems And How To Fix Them. Read the tutorial

How to remap keys and change keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11. Read the tutorial

Edge will manage the screen refresh rate to improve navigation and battery life. Read the news

The 5 signs that could indicate that your SSD is starting to fail and you should change it. Read the report

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Forget about quantum computer qubits, qutrits are here. Read the report


The best routers of 2021 by price range. Read the report

We tested the 14 “Facebook Portal + display smart speaker. Read the analysis and opinion

Roners for low temperature cooking: models, differences and everything you need to know. Read the report

Smartmi Heat Convector 1S, we tested the silent and smart heater. Read the report

The best apps for you to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. Read the report

How does the DJI Action 2 action camera work? Read our analysis and opinion

The 10 highest paying jobs for which you do not need any experience. Read the report

7 simple desserts with nougat to take advantage of Christmas leftovers. Read the report

Leisure and gaming

Where to watch your favorite movies and series to win the 2022 Golden Globes. Read the report

Nokia is going after Google and Amazon with its Streaming Box 8000. Read the analysis and opinion

Sony patents a 3D scanner that adds real-world objects to games. Read the news

Best routers for PS5: how to speed up downloads and online games with WiFi 6. Read the report


The 2022 Effect is real: Honda and Acura cars go back in time to 2002. Read the news

The 8 things you should do when you buy a new car. Read the report


This is the first self-powered aqueous robot capable of working autonomously. Read the news

The vaccine against allergy to dogs, closer. Read the news

They have found a way to remove carbon dioxide from factory emissions. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

This is the highest resolution art photography ever: 717,000 Megapixels. Read the news

Scientists train goldfish to drive a fish tank on wheels. Read the news

This 1922 newspaper tried to guess what technology would look like in 2022, and nails it. Read the news

This has been the summary of technology news of the day. Have a nice day!