3 mistakes you make that drain your iPhone’s battery

3 mistakes you make that drain your iPhone’s battery

These little mistakes you make every day make your iPhone battery last less.

Over time, iPhones have greatly improved battery life. It is true that with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, Apple was far behind the competition in terms of battery life. But nevertheless, since the iPhone 11 it has come to lead this very fundamental aspect. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the high-end smartphone with the best battery life on the market.

But that does not mean that there are little tricks to improve the battery of your iPhone. And worst of all, is that there are mistakes you make in your day to day that can decrease the battery of your iPhone. Let’s analyze them.

Close apps

It is probably the oldest mistake users make on their iPhone. The Background apps barely consume batteryMoreover, it is counterproductive to close them regularly.

It is something that Apple itself has confirmed, the battery is used to close and open an app from scratch, than to leave it in the background. Apple has designed iOS so that the apps in the background hardly consume and remain frozen, until we need them again. If you want to save battery, don’t close the apps.

Waste iPhone battery

Another mistake that comes from afar. Before it was recommended to complete the battery cycle of the devices, that is, charge them to 100% and drain their battery to 0% to start charging again. This it is something very not recommended on the iPhone.

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To avoid degradation and depletion of the iPhone battery, the ideal is to keep your charge between 20% and 80% the vast majority of the time. Therefore, whenever you can, put your iPhone to charge before reaching 20%.

Do not activate low power mode

A very common mistake, the iPhone has a low power mode that uses much less battery. This special mode disables some functions of our device to save battery, and it is something that you should know how to manage.

Nothing happens for activate low power mode when the iPhone has 50 or 60% left, If you know it is going to be a long day, activate it and at the end of the day you will have earned a few extra hours of battery life. Also, no matter how much you turn it on, you will hardly notice the difference.

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If you stop making these mistakes, you can improve the battery life of your iPhone. It is true that they are not miracle tricks, but by using them all you can get a better experience.

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