3 mistakes you make in barbell exercises

3 mistakes you make in barbell exercises

The use of the bar in the gym allows us to perform multiple exercises to work all the muscles. However, it is also common for us to make basic mistakes. Meet them.

3 mistakes you make in barbell exercises

Last update: 27 April, 2022

Many times, the idea of ​​doing more exercises in less time or looking for quick results leads us to make basic mistakes in the gym. The use of accessories is frequent for various activities and mistakes are the order of the day with them. Read on to find out what the 3 most common mistakes are in barbell exercises.

The causes may be several, but the truth is that mistakes are repeated and expose us to suffering injuries or not obtaining the results we want. When we use the bar, a correct technique for each activity is essential, as well as taking special care with loads.

1. Not using the technique well

Improper barbell form can lead to injury. In addition to damaging joints or straining muscles, there is a risk that the loaded bar could fall on you or another person.

But beware! Far from discouraging you from using it, the idea is that you can take certain precautions to conduct training safely. Let’s see some of the most common exercises and common mistakes when working with the bar.


To execute the exercise we must place the bar on the shoulders, behind the head. Then you have to bend your legs, bring your hips back and lower your torso as if you were going to sit down.

According to a study conducted in 2018, the stance width and foot placement angles should be chosen according to the joint moments that are targeted. To avoid injury, special care must be taken in extreme positions, when large angular moments are observed at the knee and hip joints.

The bar overloads the joint moment in flexion, so its position must be adequate to maintain balance.

Press banking

The press banking is an exercise ideal for working the chest, triceps, shoulders and back. It is done lying on the bench and consists of raising the bar and lowering it to chest height repeatedly.

One of the most common mistakes we make is putting our feet up on the bench, since they should be on the ground. In this way, we achieve more stability and greater momentum.

Besides, your back should be slightly arched, rather than flat. Another important issue is the grip, which should not be too open or too closed. Also, the wrists should always be in line with the body and not pulled back.

barbell row

The barbell row serves to work all the muscles of the back. To execute it, we must keep the knees slightly bent, the back straight, the torso leaning forward and bring the bar down with stretching arms. Then up with flexion of the same and the elbows back.

A common mistake is to push with the hip and trunk, since the force to lift the load must come from the arms and the back. Using a bad posture can cause muscle pain.

Press military

This exercise for shoulder work consists of taking the bar, placing it at chest height, lifting it above the head and performing the reverse movement. One of the most repeated mistakes is place the bar in front of the bodywhen it should be aligned at head height.

What happens when we place it wrong is that the center of gravity of the weight shifts and we lose stability.

Dead weight

This is one of the most complete exercises, since it puts the whole body to work. The technique must be practically perfect.


In case of venturing for the first time, Professional supervision is recommended.. The bar should be placed very close to the body and push the buttocks back to let the weight descend with the arms stretched out; then we must bring the hips forward to lift the load.


This is an essential activity when it comes to strengthening the glutes. Basically, it consists of doing a hip extension, while the bar is used to add load and greater difficulty.

A common mistake when we practice the hip-thrust is to force the position of the neck, which can end up with contractures and pain in the cervical area.

2. Trying to lift too much weight

Controlling the load and determining what our maximum is, based on physical capacity, is key to avoiding injuries. Weight gain should be gradual.

A narrative review of injuries, with reference to their association with squats, press bench and deadlifts suggests that lifters’ bodies have injuries that could be related to excessively heavy loads.

The following are some exercises and the risk of injury if we work with a lot of weight:

  • Squats: Using a lot of load can cause injuries to the lower back and knees.
  • curls barbell biceps: it is the ideal one to reach strong and bulky arms, which sometimes leads us to use a lot of load to speed up the process. As a consequence, we could suffer a herniated disc.
  • Barbell Row: working with a lot of weight will bring us back pain.
  • Press military: A common mistake is to kick off the legs to help us raise the bar. This is a sign that we are using too much load, since the strength of the shoulders is not enough to achieve the full movement.
  • Hello: It is an activity that allows us to work the lower back area, the glutes, the femoral muscles and the hamstrings. In this case, the excess load makes it difficult for us to maintain the correct position.

3. Avoid uncomfortable exercises

In general, we all prefer to do some exercises over others when working each muscle group. This makes routines become repetitive and our body gets used to certain movements. We find greater comfort and it is difficult for us to get used to other options.

However, what is recommended to work the whole body, evolve and obtain better results is learn and use all the exercises we can do with the bar. This will allow us to vary the training and not repeat more than necessary.

The assistance of another person to hold the bar when carrying too much weight can prevent an accident or injury.

Go ahead with barbell exercises and avoid mistakes!

Doing barbell exercises is ideal for working different muscle groups. It is important to include a variety of movements and not only those that are most comfortable for us.

Be careful with the loads to use, since in this way you can avoid injuries and get the most out of it. You must prioritize your health over personal challenges or trying to impress others.

By last, do not hesitate to go to a professional if you are a beginner or if you consider it necessary. Go ahead and use all the barbell exercises and prevent mistakes!

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