Music can not be missing in a party or gathering from friends or family. It is the best way to combat awkward silences and cheer on anyone, even if there are tensions among those who attend the event. And when spirits rise and staff get a little tipsy, there is always someone to who gives to singwhether or not the lyrics of the song are known. That’s why karaokes are so successful.

Although with a simple music player you can already set up a karaoke, what better than listening to music and see lyrics on screen. Current music apps have this option, such as Spotify or Apple Music. But there is one more step, the karaoke apps. The perfect tool to spend a good afternoon or evening parking the shame for a few hours and letting yourself go. Who said fear?

Here are three tips for set up a karaoke with your computer, tablet or smartphone.


With a community of over 50 million users, Starmaker It has everything to be your bedside karaoke app. On the one hand, it has a huge catalog with music by singers such as Ed Sheeran, Ellie Goulding, Billie Eilish or Ariana Grande, as well as songs not so well known but just as suitable to sing. Millions of songs that you will never end.

But what this app stands out is for allowing you record your concerts, do duets, put on a karaoke at home or broadcast it on the internet. In this sense, the app offers you voice effects and video filters to create your own video clips after you’ve given it your all singing with your friends at home.

Starmaker It is free although it offers content through the box. You can download the official app for your iPhone and Android.

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Focused on setting up a classic karaoke at home or at any party place, Karafun offers a catalog of more than 40,000 songs so that you unleash the singer in you.

The application is available on iPhone, iPad and Android but also on Mac, Windows, Android TV, Fire TV Stick and in a web browser version. So you can prepare a full screen karaoke and enjoy the best music with your TV and this app.

Karafun works by subscription. You have several options to choose from depending on the use you are going to give it. And if you want, the musical catalog of the app is available for you to consult if you are looking for sing specific songs.


Also with the basic social component, Smule is one of the most popular karaoke apps. His motto: sing million songs and make friends through music. The idea of ​​Smule is that you sing, record it and publish it in the app itself. Come on, the same thing that many do in Instagram or TikTok.

On its official page you can take a look at the karaoke sessions from other users or see what songs can you sing in the application, recording you or not. There is Japanese and Korean music but also of all possible styles: blues, jazz, pop, rap, country …

Continuing with the social theme, Smule It also has groups that you can sign up for and so post videos there. In the videos you can add visual and sound effects.

With everything, Smule it also allows you to sing solo or duet without having to publish your session. To help you, you can use voice effects and access a catalog of more than 10 million songs.