3 advantages of using a VPN on Xbox

3 advantages of using a VPN on Xbox

Surely you have ever heard of VPNs, a virtual private network to access the internet. To explain it, you have, on the one hand, all your applications and programs that connect to the web in real time, through your ISP (internet service provider). On the other, there is all the information you receive from the internet in these applications. So, the VPN works as a “communication tunnel”. Any input or output information passes through it, and all that information is encrypted so that no third party can access it, not even your ISP.

This alone already has multiple advantages. Protect your online activity so no website can track you. It also hides your geographical location, so no third party can know where you are in the world.

But there are many other benefits, and besides Specific benefits of using VPN for Xbox users like the ones we want to show you below.

Improve the speed of your online game

VPNs can help reduce lethargy or lag in video games for a simple reason: your Internet provider will not be able to know what you are doing, so it will not be able to reduce your bandwidth based on your online activities or websites. visited.

In turn, there are some VPNs with P2P technology. Under this system, there is an exclusive connection between one user and another, within the same game serverwhich prevents you from sharing your bandwidth with other players.

It should be noted, however, that using a VPN makes internet usage data take a little longer to get in and out, as this data needs to be encrypted and decrypted. For this reason, it is necessary to look for an excellent supplier of xbox vpn to enjoy the benefit of VPNs with a sufficiently fast gaming connection. A good provider will have multiple servers, so they will connect you to the closest one and therefore the fastest one.

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Access more multimedia content

Geographical profiling is the daily bread of internet users. The content that appears to you online is biased based on where you are. Google, for example, uses an algorithm that shows you the most relevant search results based on your location. In this way, it shows you the closest places to visit, or the most important news in your area.

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In other cases, we could even talk about geographical restriction, under which only certain content is available in a certain country. Such is the case of streaming online like Netflix, with different titles or programs for each region.

However, some users use the VPN to access applications of streaming from your Xbox. In this way, they can choose in which country to locate their digital presence, and thus access the multimedia catalog of that country.

3 advantages of using a VPN on Xbox 2

Get ahead of the release of a video game

Have we ever experienced the uncomfortable -but magical- wait for the release of a video game, update or patch restricted to a specific date or time. Much more when we see that other users with an advanced time zone are already showing what the game is like on their social networks, which harms not only the possible leaking of spoilers, but it can be “unfair” for the rest. of users, something that although on Xbox does not happen so often, on platforms like Steam it is more common, since there are even launches scheduled with priority for specific territories.

Faced with these situations, there is always a part of the users who are not very patient and decide to use a VPN network to save yourself the wait and play, simulating a different virtual geographical position in a country where the launch time has passed, and thus play without problems.

This is a sensitive issue that divides the community, just like changing the geographical location to buy cheaper in other stores. From SomosXbox we have always said that we do not recommend the use of these tools to bypass this type of control and making “cheats”, as it can even lead to sanctions and bans.

The main advantage of VPNs

Of course, there are more advantages to using a VPN on Xbox that we have not covered in this article. Although the most important without a doubt, both in our consoles and in our devices connected to the network, is take care of privacy, especially in video games where you could meet malicious playersas well as data encryption, which is also useful for making purchases or when you go to consult your personal information.

And you, do you use VPN? What do you think of its use in any of the conditions that we have mentioned?
We hear you!