28% of subscribers dissatisfied with PlayStation Plus

28% of subscribers dissatisfied with PlayStation Plus

In a presentation for Sony investors, Jim Ryan showed the performance of PlayStation during the last years, in addition to the company’s plans and projections for the following years. One section was dedicated to the PlayStation Plus service, which is set to be combined with PS Now to make way for a new service next month.

According to Sony’s presentation, 72% of PlayStation Plus subscribers are satisfied with the service, which means that 28% are not satisfied with their subscription.

72% of subscribers are satisfied with PlayStation Plus; 28% are dissatisfied.

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The graph that we can see in the presentation shows that the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers had been increasing from fiscal year 2013 to fiscal year 2020, but fell for the first time for fiscal year 2021. It was also revealed that 69% of subscriptions are on PS4, while 31% are on PS5.

According to the information that Sony showed, there are 4 main reasons why PlayStation gamers subscribe to the PS+ service. 36% of subscribers subscribe to be able to play online multiplayer titles, 30% do so for monthly games, 21% for deals, and 13% for cloud saves.

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The new PlayStation Plus service has already arrived in Asia (except Japan), but it will arrive in America on June 13. In this same presentation it was said that Sony wants to have more games as a service, as there are two still unannounced for this year and they hope to have 12 by fiscal year 2025.

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