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Sweden has called for cryptocurrency mining to be banned throughout the European Union. The reason? The very high energy consumption, which pollutes and consumes renewable energy.

Millions of phone calls have been exposed, due to a bug in MediaTek processors.

Samsung has released the RAW camera, to extract all the power to the sensor of the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Technological news

A security flaw in MediaTek could have exposed the conversations of millions of users. Read the news

Instagram seems to be running out of ideas and the new thing it wants to implement are songs in the publications. Read the news

Bad news for bitcoin: Sweden calls for mining outlawed. Read the news

Health withdraws these four products that you should avoid if you are allergic or have intolerances. Read the news

Be careful! Black Friday is the ideal time for cyber scams. Read the news

Mobile phones

Samsung launches the RAW Camera to take full advantage of the sensor of the S21 Ultra. Read the news

All the details of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra cameras are leaked and there would be no substantial jump. Read the news

The OPPO Reno 7 Pro 5G and Reno 7 are leaked ahead of their official launch. Read the news

WhatsApp wants to end the applications designed to create stickers with its new feature. Read the news

Computers and tablets

They discover a new critical vulnerability present in all versions of Windows. Read the news

Razer Pro Click Mini, the perfect mouse for traveling. Read the analysis and opinion


An elderly person manages to save his life thanks to a warning from his Apple Watch. Read the news

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Are there reasons to continue believing in Shiba Inu or is it time to give up? Read the news

Tigoût capsule cakes arrive in Spain, the Nespresso of the pastry shop. Read the news

The trick to unclog the sink with homemade products. Read the news

Thousands of live Black Friday deals: Amazon, MediaMarkt, PcComponentes, AliExpress and many more. Read the report

Leisure and gaming

Must-see Disney Plus documentaries that you must see yes or yes. Read the report

Xiaomi reduces its new premium QLED televisions to 500 euros, and announces a sound bar. Read the news

Disney + premieres a new Marvel series about one of the most beloved characters in the MCU. Read the news

Atari revives Asteroids for all current consoles 43 years after its launch. Read the news


If you use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, don’t forget this detail if you plan to sell your car. Read the news

The DGT recalls the importance of traffic colors and how you should act in each case. Read the news

The habit that many drivers have with their car when the cold arrives and that you should avoid. Read the news


Plug & play solar kit without installation that reduces the consumption of your home by up to 600W. Read the news

You could earn $ 200,000 if you give your image and voice to a robot company. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

Someone just bought the Theory of Relativity for about 11 million euros. Read the news

ZEVA Zero, the one-man flying saucer. Read the news

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