Arrange the tortilla on a work table and cover with a light layer of natural peanut butter, without reaching the edge. Add a little cream of cocoa jam or compote sugarfree, spreading it gently.

Peel the plantain and place so that its curvature fits well with that of the tortilla. Roll up by pressing firmly but loosely. Cut into about eight portions with a good knife, being careful not to squeeze the filling too much.

String in pairs on skewers small or serve as is. Decorate with eyes, fruit or whatever comes to mind to simulate eyes.

With what to accompany the banana and peanut rolls

Serving the rolls individually or in pairs strung as a pair of eyes, they can be a good snacking to share at a party at home or with guests, especially if there are children. It can also be a one-time serving for one person, great for breakfast or a snack, or to drink after training.