This year promises to be full of great surprises when it comes to survival horror. After a generation in which it practically fell into oblivion, thanks to Capcom’s work with Resident Evil, the genre is enjoying a second rebirth. And we are seeing this not only in the field of independent games, where survival horror has always remained with some force, but also in the field of high stakes. Dead Space or the recently announced Alan Wake 2 are some of the examples, but not the only ones. That’s why we want to bring you a first look at what the genre will be for 2022, with these 22 horror games that we expect for Xbox Series X this year.

22 horror games to look forward to on Xbox Series X this year

  • 22.- Once Upon A Time In Roswell. This first-person horror game that will take us to Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, where our protagonist must discover what the disappearance of the Peterson Family hides, which has been missing for a week.
  • 21.- Martha is Dead (February 24th). Martha Is Dead is a dark first-person psychological thriller set in 1944 Italy, focusing on the lines between reality, superstition, and the tragedy of war.
  • 20.- Sker Ritual. It is the spiritual successor to Maid of Sker, a title that Wales Interactive surprised us with a while ago. In this cooperative survival FPS we will have to form a team of up to 4 players and survive the hordes of the Silent.
  • 19.- Quantum Error. This FPS will take us to the Monad Quantum Research Facility, a research center attacked by an unknown being that we must destroy, while saving as many lives as possible. This game is expected to arrive on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, among other consoles, this year.

Martha is Dead is coming to Xbox Series X | S in February.

  • 18.- Instinction. Clearly inspired by Dino Crisis, Instinction wants to return us to prehistoric terror by offering us a proposal of terror, exploration and puzzles in which the setting will be as dangerous as the creatures we encounter.
  • 17.- Last Days of Lazarus. This beautiful visual game takes us to post-Soviet Europe, in which the protagonist will return to his family home after the death of his mother, to spend time with his sister Lyudmila. However, the political situation and his family context will gradually begin to realize his terrible past.
  • 16.- A Quiet Place. This year we will be able to enjoy the first game based on the movie saga, which will tell us about different events but located in the same universe.
  • 15.- Ill. Ill is one of the titles that surprised the most when it was announced, due to its terrifying atmosphere and its hyper-realistic graphics. At the moment the details of this project from the Canadian studio Team Clout are unknown, but it is one of the most anticipated horror games for this year on Xbox Series X.
22 horror games we expect for Xbox Series X this year 2

The Last Days of Lazarus is one of the games we will be following the most this year.

  • 14.- Evil Dead: The Game. Based on one of the cult horror sagas par excellence, Evil Dead: The Game is presented as a multiplayer PVP in which we will put ourselves in the shoes of Ash Williams and his friends, who will try to rid the world of the Army of Darkness .
  • 13.- Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Announced by surprise at the latest The Game Awards gala, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is an asymmetrical horror title that will invite us to relive the horrors of the original Tobe Hopper film.
  • 12.- Lies of P. One of the most striking and visually spectacular “soulslike” of recent years, Lies of P will take us to a gothic steampunk version of the tale of Pinocchio.
  • 11.- Slitterhead. This title was one of the great surprises of The Game Awards, for being the first work of Keiichiro Toyama, creator of Silent Hill and Siren, together with Bokeh Game Studio. An original and striking proposal, with clear undertones of survival horror and Japanese urban fantasy.
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  • 10.- Atomic Heart (starting on Xbox Game Pass). This open-world RPG is set in a parallel version of the Cold War, in which terror is unleashed in a Soviet military facility, causing uncontrolled automatons to destroy everything in their path.
  • 9.- Scorn (starting on Xbox Game Pass). This atmospheric first-person horror adventure takes place in a nightmarish universe of strange figures and bleak setting, whose central theme is feeling what happens when we wake up in a new universe.
  • 8.- Layers of Fear 3. The continuation of the established saga of Bloober Team is one of the most anticipated games for this year and one of the candidates to arrive at launch on Xbox Game Pass, following in the footsteps of Blair With and The Medium.
  • 7.- STALKER 2 (starting on Xbox Game Pass). Another of the greats expected for this year, STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl promises to offer us a unique survival adventure set in the Chernobyl disaster.
22 horror games we expect for Xbox Series X this year 3

STALKER 2 is nominated as one of the great horror games of the year and will be out on Xbox Game Pass.

  • 6.- State of Decay 3 (exclusive to Xbox Game Studios, permanent on Xbox Game Pass). State of Decay 3 aims to be the great leap for Undead Labs in its saga and, although it does not have a release date yet, it could be one of Microsoft’s surprises for this year.
  • 5.- The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me. Supermassive Games returns this year with a new installment of its pentalogy, this time focusing on the murders committed by HH Holmes in his atrocious castle.
  • 4.- The Callisto Protocol. Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space, surprised the entire industry by announcing The Callisto Protocol, a new space horror proposal that promises to recover the essence of the Visceral Games saga.
22 horror games we expect for Xbox Series X this year 4

We hope that 2022 will be the year of The Callisto Procotol.

  • 3.- Dying Light 2. The long-awaited sequel will take us 100 years after the events of the first installment, where we will put ourselves in the shoes of a marauder at the end of Humanity. Dying Light 2 promises to bring us more parkour and much more horror than its predecessor.
  • 2.- The Outlast Trials. Red Barrels will be back this year, if everything goes according to plan, with a new installment of Outlast, although going from first-person terror to a cooperative title in which we will learn about Murkoff’s origins.
  • 1.- Unannounced title of Kojima Productions. Without a doubt, the horror game we look forward to the most for Xbox Series X | S is the rumored title from Kojima Productions for Xbox. Game that has already been talked about numerous times by the press, but which has not yet been officially confirmed. Hopefully this 2022 we finally leave doubts and we can enjoy it on Xbox Series X | S.