2 powerful questions to ask in a job interview

2 powerful questions to ask in a job interview

Today one job interview It continues to be a tense moment between the talent and the employer, especially when they have to know how to carry out this process harmoniously, where the employee can be profiled and the candidate identifies the elements that will help him negotiate his possible entry. to the company or project.

Along with the job interview, the CV It is another of the essential resources to be able to find a couple of resources, which help us understand the market in which we currently find ourselves and know how to position ourselves within it.

In the midst of this pressure, there are two questions that you must know how to answer if you are the person in charge or questions that you must know how to answer, in case you are the candidate.

With two simple questions

Knowing two simple questions, both knowing how to answer them and applying them, is essential to be able to work as a team and find the necessary peace in one of the moments that even becomes one of the most tense, in the talent management processes of companies.

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Based on studies from The State of Leadership Development and Frustration at Work, the fundamental questions are:

  • Can you tell me about a time when one of your employees had a great idea that made the business better?

  • Could you mention any specific frustrations that one or more of your employees have experienced?

The State of Leadership Development warns that only 25 percent of employees have a boss who provides improvement suggestions to their team, while in the case of Frustration at Workthis warns that only 60 percent of workers have such serious problems at work, to go in search of another job.

These types of questions are excellent initiatives for you to sign a criterion of the company in which you would have the opportunity to start working.are also very important cases of how to take advantage of a key moment such as an interview, to be able to make yourself understood by a company, which invariably assumes activities based on this activism that you demonstrate in the recruitment process.

When the talent demonstrates this active participation from processes such as a job interview, an interesting background is also established on how to integrate this talent and, most importantly, the perspective that talent generates, the same by desisting from participating in the selection process of these companies or joining the trends with which they seek to change the activities within the company.

Regardless of the case, participation at the time of the job interview is an important background for your professional profile. and the value of it is that you manage to establish yourself with an active personal brand.

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