As previously announced in the list of games that would hit the service in the first half of this month, today two new games have arrived on Xbox Game Pass. One of them is Ring of Pain, which is available on consoles, PC and the cloud, and the other new game is The Riftbreaker, also available on consoles, PC and cloud. The Riftbreaker is a survival game with construction elements and RPG action, and is optimized for Xbox Series X | S.

In Ring Of Pain you must immerse yourself in randomly generated circular areas where equal danger and rewards await you. Are you going for the loot, or do you end up with the monster that stalks you? Collect items, fight monsters or stealthily evade them. This turn-based roguelike is challenging which can be enjoyed as fast or as slow as you like.

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2 new games now available on Xbox Game Pass

With these new games on Xbox Game Pass you will be able to test once again the diversity of the catalog available on the service. With The Riftbreaker you will put yourself in the captain’s skin Ashley S. Nowak – An elite scientist and soldier in a powerful mech suit, a Riftbreaker. Ashley’s mechanical suit, which she calls “Mr. Riggs ”, has a wide range of equipment to build, survive, and of course for combat; it is also capable of traveling through portals that connect immense distances.

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You must cut and smash countless enemies, build your base, collect samples and do research to survive. Instead, Ring of Pain is an exploration game with cards. Each step is a crucial decision, you must observe your surroundings and plan the most appropriate route. Play your cards well to survive or circumstances will end up overwhelming you.

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