19 healthy options with no added sugar

19 healthy options with no added sugar

It has been said ad nauseam that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because the body has not eaten for several hours and we are also in a hypercatabolic state.

But it’s not like that at all. There are many studies that show that eating sugary cereals for breakfast decreases the chances of becoming overweight and obese. But when we look at the studies more in depth, we see that they are funded by the grain industry.

On the other hand, there are unfunded studies without conflict of interest that show that consuming this type of product does increase the chances of suffering from this type of problem in the future.

But, if we don’t eat breakfast cereals, what can we have for breakfast? Here we leave you 19 great breakfast recipes so that you can enjoy them.

Banana, strawberry and fresh cheese smoothie bowl with oatmeal

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The recipe couldn’t be simpler. We can prepare it with a blender-type glass mixer, a multiquick-style mixer or with a food processor or grinder. Better to do it at the time of consumption, although you can also make the base and add the toppings when serving it.

Cut the tail of the strawberries and wash well, drying them gently. Cut up. Peel the banana and cut into slices. It can be frozen cut half an hour before so that the texture is thicker and colder, although it is not necessary. Place these fruits and the fresh cheese in the blender, add the teaspoon of peanut or almond cream, the oat flakes, the vanilla and the juice and zest of the washed lime.

Crush everything very well, in several batches and stirring if necessary, until you get a good homogeneous texture. Adjust the amount of cheese or oatmeal to taste, if we want it to be thicker. Transfer to a bowl and decorate with an extra washed and sliced ​​strawberry, berries or some other fresh or frozen fruit. Add the seeds of your choice (in my case, black sesame and hemp), fine oat flakes and almonds or walnuts.

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I like to have this strawberry, banana and oatmeal smoothie bowl with fresh cheese for breakfast or mid-morning, but it’s also great for refueling at snack time. You can even enjoy it as a dessert or to start any lunch, I have no problem eating fruit at any time of the day. Feel very good after a sports session in these days when the heat is already pressing.

Other healthy breakfasts

Green smoothie bowl with kiwi, arugula and oats: This green smoothie bowl with kiwi, arugula and oats is wonderful first thing in the morning or mid-morning, depending on our breakfast routine, although I also like to have it for a snack when the body asks for extra energy. The base can be made in advance and extra ingredients added at the time of serving.

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Acai bowl: Being such an extremely complete and nutritious preparation, the açai bowl does not need much accompaniment. A cup of coffee or tea if we drink it to start the day and we will endure full of energy until lunchtime. Perfect for daily breakfasts and back to school.

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Pineapple and coconut vegan smoothie bowl with red berries: This smoothie bowl is a good source of potassium and is also a source of antioxidantsgood fats, magnesium and natural sugars, because as you may have noticed, it is not necessary to add any type of sweetener to the recipe.

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Avocado toast, smoked cod and asparagus ribbons:
These avocado toasts, smoked cod and asparagus ribbons are a good appetizer to have at lunch or also at breakfast late along with other snack dishes. Another option is to taste them as a first course or appetizer or as part of a cold dinner, for example with a salad or a cheese board.

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Avocado and cheese cream toast with marinated carrot and anchovies: The best thing is to serve these avocado and cheese cream toasts with marinated carrot and anchovies at the moment, to preserve very crispy bread and avocado cream as fresh as possible.

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Avocado, tomato, yogurt and pistachio toast: This toast or avocado toast is great to start the day, prepare on a lazy Sunday morning or enjoy at mid-morning lunch, even as part of a finger-picking dinner. It can be accompanied by coffee, juice, an infusion or, after noon, a beer or soft drink, although mineral water will always be the healthiest option.

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Avocado, banana and honey toast: The great virtue of toasts or toasts like these is that they lend themselves to being consumed at any time of the day. Depending on the size of the portions, they can be a very nutritious breakfast, lunch or lighter meal, snack or even a treat for dinner. The combination of savory and sweet ingredients is also versatile in their pairing, as they are very tasty with coffee, a vegetable drink, orange juice or a smoothie.

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Creamy Avocado, Tuna, and Mango Toasts on Rye Bread: As I mentioned at the beginning, these creamy avocado, tuna and mango toasts with rye are suitable for any time of the day, depending on our needs. At breakfast or in the middle of the morning they are very satiating and leave you satisfied and full of energy for hours, but they are also great for dinner because they are not heavy. In mini format they could be a great appetizer as a canapé if we have guests at home.

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Crispy avocado toast with tahini, radishes and seeds: For breakfast, snack, a light dinner or to replenish energy when we need it, these avocado and tahini toasts are a perfect option at any time of the day. You have to eat them freshly made to maintain the freshness of their ingredients and the crunchy texture of the bread, as this is a large part of their charm. We can take them with our morning coffee or infusion, fresh fruit or natural yogurt, or take them with a salad.

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Sugar-free oatmeal cookies and yogurt: As I mentioned at the beginning, these sugar-free oatmeal and yogurt cookies are very versatile when it comes to eating them, perfect for breakfast or recharge energy at snack time. In an airtight container they keep well for several days. We can make much larger and flatter portions to transform them into a kind of pancakes that we can top with fresh cheese, a vegetable pâté or fresh fruit.

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Muesli Bircher: This Bircher muesli will keep us in perfect condition for four days in the fridge, except that the apple may oxidize a bit and change color slightly. So we can prepare one night by multiplying the amount of ingredients for several, or if we only take it at home, for four breakfasts.

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Quinoa with dark chocolate and fruit: One of the grains that provide the most benefits to our body is quinoa, so starting the day with a good plate of it will undoubtedly fill us with energy; what’s more, It is considered a superfood that provides a lot of flavor combined with the ingredients that we like the most.

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Pumpkin and oatmeal pancakes: These pumpkin and oatmeal pancakes are very basic and allow almost anything we want. They are good with red fruits and a little grated coconut on topbut they are also good with applesauce, creamy unsweetened peanut butter, fresh cheese or yogurt, etc.

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Baked Oatmeal with Blueberries, Strawberries and Almonds: This Baked Oatmeal with Blueberries, Strawberries, and Almonds makes a great breakfast on its own or served in a bowl with yogurt, milk, or a plant-based beverage. It can be taken warm or cold, and leftovers can be stored tightly covered in the fridge.

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Chocolate, banana and oatmeal fitness pancakes: Banana and chocolate is a winning combination. Well thought out, we can’t think of any fruit that can’t be paired with a good dark chocolate, but in this case we have a union that always triumphs with gourmands of all ages, as today’s recipe demonstrates.

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Oatmeal, coconut milk and red fruit soufflé: We can accompany it with more fresh red fruits, so that they contrast with the cooked fruit, or add some toasted nuts that will give a crunchy touch. It pairs very well with hot or cold coffee, tea or infusion, or a homemade orange juice.

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Sugar-free oatmeal and nut cookies: They are perfect for breakfast, but the truth is that these sugar-free pumpkin and nut cookies can be eaten at any time, as a healthy snack or snack, as an afternoon snack or accompanying a mid-morning lunch if we are low on energy.

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Scottish porridge with caramelized mango: It is indisputable that the best time to enjoy Scottish porridge with caramelized mango is breakfast. The energy load it carries and its combination of nutrients make it the most complete way to start the day.

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