Do you want to install new games on your Android mobile? Google Play is a good source for games, but it doesn’t always give you fresh new recommendations. Today we offer you a list with 18 Free and New Android Games. All of them have been on Google Play for just a few days, so you haven’t played them yet and very few users know about them. Despite being totally new games They already have a very good acceptance by the users who have played them, so it is highly recommended that you take a look and download the ones that convince you the most.

18 New Games for Android now available on Google Play

If you are tired of the typical games that Google Play recommends, today you are in luck. The 18 games on this list just hit the store and they are not being recommended, so you have a very good chance of being one of the first users to know about them. Some will go viral and some will not, so you may discover a game that you might never have downloaded otherwise.

If you have enough space on your mobile, our recommendation is that you take a good look at the list and start downloading games. Testing them all will take you a few hours and you will be able to discover very interesting installments that otherwise would not be on your device.

They are games of all kinds and not all of them are incredibly good. What we can assure you is that they are Free Android Games that they have only been on Google Play for a short time and that can be very worthwhile.