17track and the best pages to track your orders from AliExpress and other international stores

17track and the best pages to track your orders from AliExpress and other international stores

The Internet puts millions of products from all over the world within the reach of one click. Thanks to this, today we can buy in online stores in any country and receive the order comfortably at home.

In recent years, international stores that send their products to Spain from China or other countries have gained popularity. Among them we find AliExpress, Gearbest or Banggood, which stand out for offering products with much cheaper prices than those offered by Spanish or European stores.

However, since last July 1 it has been more expensive to buy in stores outside the European Union. This is due to the entry into force of the new VAT regulations for electronic commerce, which already also applies to products that cost less than 150 euros, which until now were exempt from paying this tax.

If you usually buy in stores outside of Spain, it is not necessary for us to remind you that it is very important to be extremely careful with payments, carefully review all the details and conditions of the transactions, as well as be sure of the guarantees and return policy .

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In your case, Surely you need a service to carry out a centralized monitoring of the packages that you have to receive. And, although each parcel company offers you its own official tracking service, it is more convenient to use a single platform to know the status of all shipments.

Fortunately, you have at your disposal different alternatives to carry out this task. Take note of the best pages to track your orders in international stores.

Better pages to track your orders in international stores


17track is one of the most popular and veteran pages to track the AliExpress orders and from other international online stores. Provides a Free all-in-one package tracking service and very easy to use.

Provides postal support to over 200 countries and is capable of providing information on most major express services around the world. In addition, it supports many cross-border e-commerce logistics providers.

It is available in Spanish, among other languages, and to use it, all you have to do is enter in his web page and enter the tracking number of the package. You can track up to 40 referrals at a time, so it’s very convenient.

Then, 17track will show you a page with the detailed information of your package, as you can see in the capture on these lines. If it is not in Spanish, you have the possibility to translate it by tapping Operation> Translation language.


TrackingMore It is a very interesting alternative to 17track. It also allows you to track your purchases in international stores for free, with tracking support of 650 carriers worldwide.

To use it, enter the Web page and enter the number of your package to access the tracking history. This service stands out especially for providing the most detailed information: it not only shows you all the steps that your shipment follows, but also You can also see details of the transport company and their contact information in case you need them.

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In addition, you have the possibility to enter your email address to receive notifications related to your package in your inbox.


Another alternative to 17track that you have at your disposal is Parcels. This is another free package tracking service that allows you to track shipments from China, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, and Singapore.

It has support for the main international online stores, including AliExpress, JD.com, eBay, Joom, Banggood, Gearbest or ASOS.

The mechanics of use is the same as in the previous cases: all you have to do is enter the tracking code and you will be able to see the history of your package below.

Parcels offers you very complete information about the shipment and allows you to obtain a direct link to be aware of the news. In addition, it also provides you with a link to the official website of the carrier.


AfterShip offers you functions very similar to 17track and the previous services. Is a international order tracking platform that offers support for almost 800 international postal companies, so you will be able to know the status of your shipment in online stores in all countries.

This service is used like the ones we have seen so far. Go into the website, write your tracking number and you will access the shipping history. The system will show you the different points that your package has traveled and the estimated delivery date.

In addition, it provides you with the contact details of the transport company in case you need them, and even you have a direct link to change the delivery address if necessary.


If you are a compulsive shopper in online stores around the world second that you know Megabonus, a refund service that allows you to save money on the most popular eCommerce. The platform also has an order tracking section similar to 17track that you can use completely free.

Its operation has no mystery. You just need to enter in the web, enter the tracking number in the text box and click on the Track packages button. Then, you will see the shipping process history as you can see in the screenshot on these lines.

Unlike the previous services, Megabonus offers less information, but in return allows you to receive free notifications when the shipment changes status.


We continue our selection with another service similar to 17track highly recommended. We talk about 1Track, a platform that tracks packages from many countries around the world, including Russia, Ukraine, China, the United States, Singapore or Germany.

1Track offers support to keep track of the main postal services used by sellers of online stores such as AliExpress, Joom, ASOS, GearBest or Pandao.

The mechanics are the same as in the previous cases: you just have to enter the tracking code in the text field and a few moments later you will see the shipping history. This service provides you with very complete information, with all the details of each event and links to the official tracking page of the postal company.