14 recipes of spoon dishes to warm up on the walk through the gastronomy of the net

14 recipes of spoon dishes to warm up on the walk through the gastronomy of the net

Already with the always controversial time change behind us and the first snowfalls letting our country see, we embrace the steaming spoon kitchen to comfort us at home. Vegetable creams, soups, stews and stews star in this tour of the networks, in which we have found many appetizing recipes to prepare these days.

In addition to its restorative power and homelike character, spooning has the virtue of offering mostly dishes perfect to make in advance or cook twice as much and use the leftovers for several days. Stews and stews even gain in flavor the next day, while creams and purees freeze wonderfully and make an ideal dinner to get you out of a pinch.

So we inaugurate our november walk taking out pots and pans, preparing deep plates, tureens, cups and bowls, because the blogosphere has left us a lot of ideas to enrich our particular recipe book with which to face the cold.

Soups and broths to warm up

Reading Mafalda as a child -and rereading from not so young- I always wondered how it should be that nefarious soup that caused traumas to the beloved character of Quino, since those of my house were received with joy and joy. There are thousands of soup recipes, and surely you all have a favorite in your family.

Tomato soup with roasted peppers and sardines from Cooking among olive trees.

For these days the autumn soup of potato, sweet potato and boletus Olga’s La cuina, based on seasonal vegetables and enriched with dehydrated mushrooms, a powerful aromatic that could well be substituted with fresh mushrooms, if we have them on hand. Olga gives us the option of doing it in traditional way or using Thermomix, even easier.

The curious
tomato soup with roasted peppers and sardines from Cooking among olive trees, always presenting traditional Andalusian recipes and from other regions of Spain. This dish from El Valle (Granada) combines the intense flavors of vegetables with the seaworthy sardines in the can, which also enrich the soup with valuable nutrients with little effort.


Ramen or rice noodle soup with vegetables, mushrooms and egg from Blog de cuina de la dolorss.

Also very sailor is the rice with clams Garum et borago, with few ingredients but which, if they are of quality, gives a luxurious result. Also very complete is the ramen or rice noodle soup with vegetables, mushrooms and egg Cuina de la dolorss blog, an easy version of the famous Japanese soup that constitutes a very nutritious meal for which we will not need more at the table to be more than satisfied.

Stews and stews that feed body and soul


Rice stew from Dos Hermanas de Asopaipas.

Very related to soups – differentiating them can sometimes be complicated – we have the meatier spooning, with less broth and usually more “chicha” patient stews and stews chup-chup that traditionally incorporated everything that was available.

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To that traditional cuisine the Dos Hermanas rice pot of Asopaipas, a typical recipe from the Sevillian town and nearby areas, based on stewing chickpeas with rice, vegetables and various meats, served with chopped hard-boiled egg and ham. A very complete dish, as are also the Sanabria hams with Iberian sausages from Delokos, a luxury legume.

Potato stew

Potato stew with pumpkin and seafood from La rosa dulce.

If we prefer a dish with marine flavors we can cheer up with it Potato stew with pumpkin and seafood of La rosa dulce, which almost brings us to Christmas, while vegetarians and vegans -or anyone- can opt for the original
meatless white chili from La olla vegetariana, which claims the consumption of legumes.

Vegetable creams to fix dinner (or any meal)

The queens of dinners in the cold months are, without a doubt, creams and vegetable purees, so versatile and smooth. It’s hard to pick a favorite and we love trying out new variants or tweaking our favorites on the fly.

Mashed potatoes

Pumpkin, apple, leek and onion puree from And you can see the navel in the moon.

The pumpkin does not fail in these months and combines with a thousand other ingredients. In And to the moon you can see the navel we have a proposal that adds another seasonal product but in the form of fruit with a pumpkin, apple, leek and onion puree. Pilar tells us that she added the apple improvising so as not to waste a copy that was already asking for retirement in the fruit bowl, and the result was a success.

We continue with orange colors but changing ingredients, now moving to sweet potatoes. We can cheer ourselves up with the simple and effective sweet potato cream de Javi recipes, well spiced and with a touch of cream, or with the sweet potato and mushroom cream from Trapped in My Kitchen, which adds mushrooms to the equation to increase the autumnal flavor and umami of a recipe also very easy.

Sweet Potato Cream

Sweet Potato and Mushroom Soup from Atrapada en mi cocina.

Changing the third we are left with two different ideas, the suggestive Jerusalem artichoke cream with candied mushrooms of Chupchupchup, using a tuber little known in these parts but that is very tasty roasted and stewed, and the wild asparagus cream with egg from I want to be super famous. Topping these recipes with eggs in any of their forms is an easy way to turn them into complete, nutritious and satisfying dishes.

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