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13 recipes with all the flavor of autumn in the walk through the gastronomy of the network

13 recipes with all the flavor of autumn in the walk through the gastronomy of the network

Entered the month of October the autumnal spirit takes hold of us and we let ourselves be tempted by recipes and dishes that bring all the flavor of the season to the table. A walk through the networks makes it clear that it is a feeling shared by those of us who enjoy cooking or simply eating well every day at home. Because it is the ideal season to reconnect with everyday pleasures.

Autumn recipes are those that take advantage of the last blows of summer products and welcome with joy and joy new vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and even meat and fish. Recipes that comfort, that make a more homelike house and that encourage us to take things more calmly, if routine allows us. We return to the spoon, the casseroles, the oven and the steaming cups, with spicy aromas and flavors of childhood.

Starters and first courses

Potimarrón pumpkin hummus from RossGastronómica.

To link summer with autumn, it seems perfect to start the menu with a spicy pumpkin hummus like that of Rosalía de RossGastronómica, which also makes it with the potimarrón variety, less known but very tasty. We could combine it with the appetizing salty pumpkin and fig cake proposed by Chloé from Being Biotiful, that we fancy a delicious starter to serve in mini portions or complete a snack menu.


Almond soup with Pomegranate rolls from Cocinando entre olivos.

Ana María de Cocinando entre olivos rediscovers traditional Andalusian recipes with the almond soup with muffins, typical of Granada, simple but with a most comforting and nutritious aspect. And another succulent starter that could almost be a single dish at a dinner, if the portion is generous, are the potatoes stuffed with confit onion and mushrooms from Les receptes del Miquel, which we can make with the mushrooms we have on hand.

Main courses


Sausage with Calanda peach in port sauce from Chez Silvia.

We continue precisely with mushrooms drooling a little with the plate of mushrooms with bacon and eggs from Cuina de la dolorss Blog, because it won’t be very photogenic, but it’s crying out to be devoured by dipping a lot of bread. It seems that in autumn the sausage returns to gain more prominence, and thus we also have the sausage with Calanda peach of Chez Silvia cooked in Porto sauce. To finish spending the loaf of bread and leave the dishes clean.

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We traveled to France by the hand of Manu’s recipes with their quail with truffle in white wine and allemagne sauce, a personal reinterpretation of one of those dishes that the French upper classes delighted in the Golden Age, while the people survived on what they could. Let no one miss the whole story of the recipe and Manu’s magnificent photographs.


Chicken and pumpkin cannelloni from L’Exquisit.

We return home with a preparation that makes the whole family enjoy around the table, the chicken and pumpkin cannelloni by Sonia in L ‘Exquisit, perfect to take advantage of leftover roast chicken. And if someone is looking for something lighter, they can cheer up with the Zucchini and prawn spaghetti omelette with cogumelos, a nutritious snack with seasonal mushrooms.


Migas pumpkin pudding on the table.

Desserts and sweet treats

The gourmand section for punctual whims returns to recover the pumpkin with the recipe of pumpkin chocolate cookies shared by Lidia de la O in Trapped in my kitchen, fluffy and soft, perfect to make and share with children.

Also with pumpkin as the protagonist is the dessert that Ana Melm de Migas brings us on the table, a pumpkin pudding whose texture is halfway between flan and sponge cake, taking advantage of the season of this vegetable that comes directly from the producers who grow it, in this case a potimarrón.


Loleta apple tarte tatin.

Continuing with autumn fruits, the apple could not be missed, and a very common dessert that we will never tire of is the Tarte Tatin What Loleta teaches us this time, very easy when we use a purchased dough, in this case filo. Finally, the Murcia-based Mariluz Piñeiro de Cuchillito y fork shows that she is fully integrated into the land with her orange and lemon sponge cake, pure citrus flavor in a pastry classic.

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