13 easy recipes to solve the dinner on the walk through the gastronomy of the network

13 easy recipes to solve the dinner on the walk through the gastronomy of the network

With autumn already looming through the door, this return to routine is being one more year somewhat atypical. Of course there are things that do not change, such as headaches when organizing menus, especially dinners during the week. Any help is little and that is why we turn to the networks on our biweekly walk to pick a few ideas that inspire us so that the last meal of the day is not an ordeal.

Spanish schedules continue to be unkind to family reconciliation and what, according to experts, would be healthier. Eat early, or at least more in line with most European countries, it is not easy when you eat almost splicing the snack or we arrive home late and exhausted, even more so just after the holidays.

It is important to start a good home and family cooking routine as soon as possible, avoiding pre-orders or precooked ones. That is why we have selected from the blogosphere a few recipes of varied, nutritious and simple dishes, very easy to adapt to our taste or specific needs, and thus avoid ending the day picking at anything in the fridge.

Easy recipes ideal for dinners helped

What better way to start this recipe book for easy homemade dinners than Santa Clara soup with which Mercado Calabajío celebrate their 15th blog anniversary; a traditional spoon dish, simple, traditional and that promises to surprise in its humble simplicity. That fresh fried bread crackling on the surface makes our mouths water.

Potato and anchovy salad from Les Receptes del Miquel.

If the body still asks for fresh dishes – let’s not forget the summer of San Miguel -, the potato and anchovy salad de Les receptes del Miquel can be a perfect option for any night. Again with common ingredients that earn many points when they are of quality and are presented with a certain elegance on the plate. Nutritious and not heavy at all, perfect for a good night’s sleep.

We continue with two ideas to cook a very healthy and light vegetable that we love to prepare for dinner. In La cocina de Fabrisa, we are waiting for a very healthy plate of spinach with pine nuts, grapes and anchovies, while in Lila’s kitchen we have a rich Spinach Tortilla, with its touch of garlic and onion and very juicy.


Zucchini and Cherry Tomato Frittata from Caught in My Kitchen.

We continue with the egg taking good note of the zucchini and cherry tomato frittata that Lidia de la O has cooked in Trapped in my kitchen, well enriched with the mozzarella balls and mushrooms. In Delokos we find a Scrambled eggs with vegetables and mushrooms with smoked tofu, very rich in proteins, while in ThermoRecetas Irene Arcas offers us some results eggs en cocotte with peas, ham and parmesan.

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Sonia de L’Exquisit proposes us to recover the comfortable and healthy Salmon for dinner with your recipe with maple syrup and orange, very easy and with which we will leave the simple iron or the oven without more. Another seafood dish with suggestive flavors with which to travel through the palate are the Vietnamese spring rolls of Fried Webos, super easy to prepare with the dough only moistened, without cooking, and the sea of ​​fresh and light.


Tofu with Peanut Sauce from Contigo on the Beach!

Also with exotic aromas but this time suitable for vegans is Raúl’s recipe for Contigo en la playa !, a delicious tofu with peanut sauce that takes us to Thailand and will make you reconcile with this vegetable ingredient. If you prefer a more traditional dish from our kitchen, the Russian steaks with pepper salad Knife and fork are perfect for family dinners.

Two sweet morsels to sweeten the dream

Without having to take it as a habit, we are going to treat ourselves to sweeten the end of the day for those days that are especially uphill. Because you can also enjoy a occasional sweet tooth to help us relax a bit, adding some extra nutrients; always without forgetting that they are still sweet.


Carrot Cake Chocolates from I Have an Oven and I Know How to Use It, and Chocolate Rye Cookies from Chez Silvia.

The carrot cake and oatmeal chocolates de I have an oven and I know how to use it, they are perfect for it, small and nutritious, which will improve enormously if we use a good chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa and the lowest percentage of sugars that we can.

More comforting cocoa awaits us at Chez Silvia with its tempting rye chocolate cookies, with a rustic texture and more satiating than the usual refined cookies, which are also made without dairy or eggs, therefore also suitable for vegans. We can always reserve them for breakfast and thus wake up the next day with more enthusiasm.

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