11 Hardy, Easy-Care Houseplants That Are Perfect for the Home

11 Hardy, Easy-Care Houseplants That Are Perfect for the Home

In order not to lose the connection with nature, and to fill the interiors of our house with life and color, plants become protagonists in the decoration of our home. Because besides being prettyplants purify the air, regulate humidity, or help us to be happier. Why not introduce new plants inside your house?

The ribbons or Lazo de amor

The ribbons They are a classic among indoor plants. And it does not surprise us at all, because in addition to being very decorative, it grows and reproduces quickly, and also hardly needs any care. You just have to give it away a couple of times a week when you see that the land is dry. Price: 14.50 euros.


indoor plant pot

Even if you think that you have a bad hand with plants, and that they all die without remedy, here is a super resistant plant: the poto. You should water it only when you see that the soil is dry. If the poto is small, you can put it on shelves or on top of cupboards so that it hangs. In addition, it supports well spaces with low light. Price: 39.95 euros.

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monstera indoor plant

The monsteraalso known as Adam’s rib, looks spectacular in any space thanks to its large tropical air leaves. You should water it once a week, and spray its leaves from time to time, since it is a species native to humid environments. €28.95.


ficus plant

Another plant that does not need to be cared for too much: ficus. This species needs indirect light, and that you water it a couple of times a week. It is also very important to keep it away from radiators, low temperatures, or drafts. Price: 27.95 euros.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera - indoor plants

The aloe vera It is a very resistant plant as it is a desert species, it is easy to care for, and you can also apply the gel inside it to apply it in case of burns. It needs a lot of light, and to be watered every 15 or 20 days without overdoing it with water. Price: 16.50 euros.

Red Anthurium

red anthurium houseplant

The red anthurium, or Anthurium is an ideal plant for those looking to have flowers at home. And it does not need too much care, beyond placing it near a window with light (but it should not be direct to prevent the flowers from losing their red color), and keep it moist (but not waterlogged). Price: 23.50 euros.

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Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue

Sansevieria indoor plant

Mother-in-law’s tongue, or Sansevieria Zeylanica, is very famous because releases oxygen at night and helps purify the environment, so many people place it in the bedroom. And luckily, it is also very easy to care for. You should water it once every two weeks by putting a plate of water under the pot. And avoid direct sunlight. Price: 17.86 euros.

trunk of brazil

Trunk Brazil indoor plant

The trunk of brazil, or Dracaena fragrans, is also very resistant. It needs light, although not direct sun. And you only have to water when the soil is dry, and without flooding it. Price: 18.50 euros.

Kentia Palm

Kentia palm indoor plant

This species will help you give a tropical touch to your home. It is very resistant, and easy to maintain. You should water it moderately when the soil is dry. Price: 16.18 euros.

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Although it was previously practically reserved for gardens, the Bird of Paradise has also become fashionable indoors. In addition to his big leavesthis plant is famous for its flowers shaped like a tropical bird. To have it inside your house, you should look for a spacious and bright space, although without direct sunlight. In addition, it is important to turn them from time to time to prevent the plant from leaning towards the light. You should give it away when the land is dry, trying to spray its leaves throughout the year. €42.95.

Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily

Severin Candrian Wim09wwrumm Unsplash

To finish off this selection of beautiful and easy-care indoor plants, we have the peace lilies, Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily. A plant that is characterized by its bright green leaves, by its white flowers that bloom throughout the year, and by purifying the air, since it filters and retains toxic particles. For care, it is best to provide indirect light, and water it once a week. Price: 19.50 euros.

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